The Debt

larissa and Adrianna were two college graduates who were in debt. After the years they spent partying and majoring in something not high paying, the two had to settle down, live together in an apartment for a few years and support each other. A year after college, the two still retained their good looks.

Erotic Stories

Clarissa was a 5″11 Blonde with tanned skin, athletic body, great abs, and overall in good shape. Adrianna was a 5″9 Brazilian brunette with pale skin, straight dark hair, a nice round butt, lean body, and a pretty face. … Read More

Lesbian Bar

It is an extremely warm Saturday night and my eighteen year old daughter Alice and I are sitting around in the house having conversation while we drink sparkling wine. Around midnight I suggest it might be fun if we took off our clothes and sat outside on the front porch. Alice giggles for a few moments then we both stand up and strip naked.

We sit on the front porch for about a half hour while we drink the rest of the sparkling wine. I don’t feel like going to bed just yet, so I stand up and suggest to Alice that we go for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. She replies to me, “You mean right now without any clothes on?”
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The wild and unpredictable affair

In a rich upper middle class suburbs of west London lived Dr Kumar with his wife Anastasia. The couple lived in a two story house, beautiful and large. James Kumar was an American male of East Indian descent, 6″2, light brown complexion, black hair with brown eyes. His wife Anastasia was also a doctor, black hair, blue eyes, and pale smooth skin, of Swiss descent. She had large natural breasts even better than most London escorts while at the same time a fit body, not too skinny yet not chubby or fat. A woman with 5″6 height. … Read More


Me and a few of my friends went to a bar to relax after hell at work. Game on the TV, and pool tables open. Shit, Happy Hour comming quick too. Good times. Me and my pals, Frankie and Jay, skip the beer and hit the scotch. Hell, we were walking distance from my place, and its Friday, so fuck it. Drunk times are upon us! So, after a few rounds of scotch, and a few rounds of pool, a group of girls come in the bar. They already seem a bit gone, yet they get served. Shit, They started early, its only 7:30pm. At least we have an excuse. So, one of the 4 girls starts to eye me. Shes more drunk them the other, then again, so am I. But Me and Jay still continue our game. As I try and take a shot, sinking the 7 ball in the corner, I believe, the girl bumps my stick, making me scratch. I turn around just in time for her to damn near fall on me, grabing my junk as she does. … Read More

Brea’s College Job

Her freshman year at college, Brea (you remember her, Breanne, the attractive, bisexual, brunette step-daughter of my cousin and the object of desire in the previous two series that has a perfectly heart-shaped, round butt that jiggles just right, pierced belly button, hairless pussy favoured by London escorts, and a colorful butterfly tattoo on her lower back and upper bottom, the wings of which follow her hourglass figure) got a job like most college students, but her job wasn’t like what most students got, working part time at some restaurant or grocery store. With her amazing body and sexuality, Brea became a stripper. But to begin with, she wasn’t the best dancer, had never pole danced, and her normally formidably ample, wonderfully perky, natural assets were now sub-par, as all the other strippers had implants making them huge, some ridiculously so, and defy gravity through their more captivating pole dances. … Read More

Moldy Mona

When I was 18 before I went away to college I use to work at a family owned cafe. The cafe was located in a very small town, so small in fact that if you sneezed while driving though it, you would miss it. It was a fun place to work because the cast of characters that frequented the cafe everyday were a joy to be around. On one spring day a woman I have never seen before entered the cafe and she looked absolutely repulsive. This lady was wearing frayed jean shorts that were at least two sizes too small, a white button down shirt with a black bra, flip flops with green painted toe nails, she wore too much makeup and the blue eyeliner she had on made her face look like a piece of blue cheese. I instantly named her Moldy Mona. … Read More


I enter the room and see her, my lovely red-headed mistress Miss Hybrid, sleeping face down on the rug before the fireplace trying to heat up. A bottle of Chablis is seen strewn on the floor along. I also see a pair of panties beside a dildo. It seems that she had fallen asleep drinking and pleasuring herself London escorts are so horny. A naughty idea enters my mind as I seek to take advantage of the situation. As I come closer, I notice that she was slightly shivering as she was naked. I reach out and caress her perfectly formed bottom. She shifts slightly. I slip two fingers inside her pussy, which was now getting slick with her juices. I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste her juices while my other hand continues to caress her arse. “Delicious”, I say to myself. My cock is growing hard and itching to come out from my trousers. “What should I do next?” I think out loud. … Read More

You’re late

You arrive at my London apartment. The windows are dark and everything looks quiet. You wonder if I am home. You walk up the front steps and notice the door isn’t locked. You slowly open the door and walk inside. The door closes and the lock clicks.

“You’re late”

“Sorry, I was …”

“No excuses. Strip.” … Read More

Exquisite Torture

Julie was twenty six and her boyfriend, Roy, was thirty five; having been going steady for only six months theirs was a slightly unusual arrangement. Julie was submissive and therefore allowed Roy full domination over her life not just her sex life either. … Read More

My ex-girlfriend

I was woken up again around 2 am to the sound of my room mate fucking another girl he had met at the club. No doubt it was another 18 year old slut that thought she could handle an 12 inch black cock and was finding out the hard way that she really couldn’t and all she could do til my friend was done was lie there and take the cock beating. But this time it was much different, it wasn’t the usual waling and begging to stop and heavy screaming, this girl wanted every inch of black cock my friend had to offer. … Read More