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Jill in California

Her name is Jill a London escort living in the USA, she is tall and has a divine body but you better not mess with her because she will kick your ass. How is she dressed? Very easy to guess. Leather pants, python tiags, a small tshirt letting her gigantic 34ddd tits to be seen and she also wears a schott perfecto jacket. Jill decided to stop at the town of Reno before heading to Vegas. … Read More

The Patrolman 2

Pam, in her rented Pontiac Trans Am, speeds down a street with her lover, Hank the Highway Patrolman, in pursuit with his police car, the pursuit ending in their driveway. Pam quickly gets out of her car, and with a smile on her face, makes a run for it, heading for their house. … Read More

I was sleeping

It was Christmas break at the University we attend and I live in a frat house with a roommate. My roommate, myself, and my gf are all seniors. We party together regularly and have a good time with each other. I have never noticed any attraction between the two of them. So during break we have nothing to do all day since class is out of session. We decide to day drink at a friends house. We all get really drunk with about 15 other people at the party.
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Six days had passed since Lisa turned 18. Lisa was a senior in high school, three months away from graduating, and a shy and smart girl from London. She was a petite brunette, 5″7, with a nice lean body. Lisa was a virgin who had a curiosity of dating boys but due to her shy nature and her academics kept her busy. She received news that she was accepted into MIT and Stanford due to her resume in high school. Before leaving school that day she dropped by to say hi to her math teacher Mr Suresh and thank him.
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Ashley Dupre Loves it

It is a nice morning and Ashley wakes up and goes to shower. But before she looks herself in the mirror and says to herself: “Damn I miss the time of being an escort in London.” After her shower and her breakfast, Ashley decided to do some shopping because this evening is the special evening of playboy cybergirls. Ashely enters the Lingerie Shop and buys some satin lingerie from the brand Nina von C and some black dressy top and skirt. … Read More

Sexual Voyer

It was last friday, and I was heading to my good friend Chelsea’s home in West London. We were supposed to go shopping. (Yeah, Girly stuff, I know. Shut up! )
I was initially about at her door when I saw it cracked open. I thought, why not? She wont get angry if I didnt knock. So I walked in. I began to hear some noises from her bedroom. I truly didnt even think anything of it and started to walk in. I was stunned with what I found! … Read More

The Witch Doctor

Stan looked up from his dinner. His six foot tall, buxom blonde wife was framed in the sunlight staring out the window. She could have joined the Swedish bikini team or been one of those London escorts every man wanted to sleep with she, was so beautiful and stacked, everyday he was reminded of how lucky he was and today with the sunlight shining on her was no exception. “What do you mean?” he asked. … Read More