Sarah Radlet who has been arrested for prostitution with her friend Kimberly Smith while working as an escort in London .

Two 48-year-old women were arrested in London after conducting themselves like prostitutes in return for rent-a-ladies.

A prominent prostitute, Sarah Radlet has made headlines with her ‘wild antics’. However, this is the first time she has been arrested and charged for a sexual offence.

In January she was pictured partying with a girl who looked like a 10-year-old – while on board a taxi. On another occasion she was pictured playing with what appeared to be a cannabis joint.

Mrs Radlet and her friend Kimberly Smith were arrested yesterday after police were tipped off that they were two of a gang of about 10 Chinese prostitutes in a flat in Hoxton.

They were spotted making lewd hand gestures at a passer-by and managed to evade police for five hours – despite there being an undercover police officer at the flat.

The pair were arrested and are due to appear at Barkingside Magistrates Court today.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the women, of no fixed abode, were arrested on suspicion of running a premises for trading in prostitution after an operation involving officers from the Metropolitan Police Force’s Action Against Crime Team.