It had been one of those warm summer days that you get in Greece as they walked hand in hand along the coastal path back towards their hotel. She felt the wind blow gently round her legs that were covered by a light, loose fitting white cotton dress.

Entering the room, she walked over to the window, looking out over the sea. The light in front of her clearly showed her beautiful body, her exquisitely shaped legs and quarters, inside the light, almost translucent fabric. Walking up behind her, he slowly slid his strong arms round her waist, gently caressing her skin through the thin covering of the dress.

Her heart pounded. She could feel his penis growing erect through his trousers, the throbbing hump pressing firmly between her buttocks, pulsing, aching, pressing against her trembling body. Slowly, she rocked her quarters from side to side, pressing them back against his throbbing jock. He lent his head over her shoulder and slowly began to kiss her neck, gently showering it with his affection. Smiling, she took his from her hips, gently raising them to cover her breasts, gently rubbing against her erect nipples which were sensitized from the excitement of her pounding heart.

Turning, she gently pushed him back into the room, slowly running her hands across his wide chest, before deliberately beginning to unbutton his shirt. She set her hands on his shoulders, gently running them down his muscular arms as his shirt fell to the floor. Without a word they smiled, gazing into each others eyes as she unbuttoned his belt, allowing his trousers to drop to the floor.

Her body was beautiful. A classic hourglass shape, toned, not to thin, with long straight blond hair in a ponytail, and a beautiful brown tan. She stepped forward, pressing her soft breasts against his taught body as he ran his hands up her buttocks and back. They kissed passionately, tongues entwined as she slid her hands across his back and around his neck. Standing back, she slowly slid her shoulder straps over her arms, allowing the dress to slide lightly like gossamer down round her ankles, leaving her naked except for a tiny white, high hipped thong.

Looking down she could see the bulge straining through his tight black briefs. She new exactly what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her, but slowly, in a way that would go on for an hour or so of slow, passionate love making. That was their way. They both new what each other wanted, almost instinctively. While looking deeply into his eyes, she ran her hand firmly across his straining crotch, cupping his testicles and longingly sliding her palm and fingers along his shaft which she could see pulsing through the tight fabric. In an instant, she ran her hands around him and slid his briefs to the floor, his erect tool finally unleashed. Curiously she ran her fingers along its erect, thick shaft which now pointed hard upwards directly towards her. She lingered around his swollen red bellen, gently caressing the tip before slowly pulling back the foreskin to reveal his full helmet. Turning, she took a firm hold of his shaft and led him into the bed room.

Pushing him back onto the bed, she lay beside him, one hand gently caressing his testicles before slowly moving up to the base of his shaft. He leaned forward she trembled as he placed his hands on her hips and slowly pulled down her thong. It was as if she had been released, freed, her body ready to make love, to slide together in union with his. As he lay back again she turned on her side, firmly grasping the base of his penis, she took the palm of her other hand and placed it lightly on the exposed helmet before rubbing it rhythmically round and round in a circular motion. The sensation was mind blowing as her hand touched ever part of his exposed cap. He moaned as she finished by pressing her forefinger firmly on his japs eye, which was now shiny and glistening with pre cum.

She lay back, spreading apart her shapely legs. He placed his finger between her pert breasts, before slowly running it down her stomach and along her right thigh before running it back up the inside of her leg and moving it across her stomach so it gently came to rest pressing on top of her neatly shaved brazillian. To her side she could feel his big cock resting against her body as he slowly pressed his fingers against her vagina before starting to rub slowly round and round. He pressed more firmly as the motion speeded up. Her heart was pounding, she could feel herself becoming moist, ready to accept his big shaft into her body. She gave a little yelp as he slid in at first one finger, and then two. Pressing upwards, he moved them round and round, giving her pleasure in her most intimate places, places that she shared only with lovers. Her hips quivered in ecstasy as she moaned on the bed.

He moved round, no longer slowly, but dominant, as a man in the heat of lust and passion. He hitched apart her legs, exposing her pussy, leaving her pussy prone and vulnerable. Kneeling in front of her, she could see his big, swollen cock, erect, ready to mate with her. Although intimidating, she wanted it more than anything. She wanted him to violate her. To mate with her, to have his way with her. She wanted to be helpless, she wanted to be dominated. He came down, guiding his big tool slowly in between her legs. First she felt the pressure, followed by the wholesome full sensation as his big member filled her vagina, the veins rubbing against her moist walls, the warmth flowing between them as his foreskin was drawn right back, his tip penetrating deep into her body. She moaned as he lay on top of her, her soft breasts and stomach pressing against his big masculine body. He kissed her neck as she lay there, gently running her hands down his back and across his quarters. He caressed her breasts and hips, slowly fondling them, ticking them, pinching them, driving her crazy with lust. Then what she had longed for. Gently at first he began to thrust, his big tool rhythmically filling, stretching her little shaft as she felt his equally big package, big and heavy, gently rubbing between her legs, the bed rhythmically creaking in a way she had come to know and love. The possibility of someone hearing them in the next room only heightened her excitement. She let out a moan and felt her self become even more moist. She was getting wet and could feel her natural bodies lubricant running out of her and onto the bed sheets. She moaned louder, clawing at his back, scratching, gripping, she gripped his shaft with flexible, well exercised pussy, feeling his ecstasy to, his penis hardening, straight and erect, his back dipping as she did it. She felt the tension building inside her. Slowly at first, it grew steadily as she felt his body next to hers, his hands caressing her, his penis inside her, penetrating her, filling her. The big stud on top of her, inside her, mating with her. She felt helpless and loved it. Out of control, she arched her back, every muscle in her body tensed, she screamed “oh god yes, yes, yes”.

He was thrusting harder now and more rapidly. She had lost her composure and was going wild beneath him, clawing him, biting at him, clenching him. He felt the fire inside of him. The growing pressure at the back of his penis. He had held it up till now, but now it was time to let go. He thrust fast and deep, the mind blowing sensation from his cock driving him. He felt it the pressure growing, the cum traveling up his shaft. He didn’t want to control it any more, he wanted to release it. It was heavenly. He shot his load hard, the fluid squirting from his penis, deep into her vagina. She rapidly filled with cum. They lay together still for a few minutes, his penis still inside her, swathed in the cum that now filled her body. Slowly he withdrew, his cock leaving cum trails across her thighs, hips and stomach. She sat up to look in delight as cum poured out of her pussy and onto the bed sheets. She loved it when he shot really big loads, it showed her how aroused he was by her, and how much he enjoyed the forbidden pleasures and fruits of her body.

They layback together relaxed. Sex was hotels was the best. It always felt more naughty, and always left tell tale signs that you had to try and hide.

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