Pam, in her rented Pontiac Trans Am, speeds down a street with her lover, Hank the Highway Patrolman, in pursuit with his police car, the pursuit ending in their driveway. Pam quickly gets out of her car, and with a smile on her face, makes a run for it, heading for their house.

Seeing her running, he quickly gets out of his cruiser and gives pursuit on foot with a smile. Pam hurriedly unlocks and opens the door, and as she enters, he catches up to her, preventing her from closing the door behind her with a smile. Hank playfully forces himself into their house, closes the door behind him, and using his hand to simulate a gun, orders, “Up against the wall! Spread ‘em!” Pam smiles in seductive satisfaction, and turns to face the wall, her hands up on the wall and her legs spread. With Pam in position, Hank says, “I’ve gotta search you,” making her smile grow as he starts thoroughly searching her, feeling her up through her clothing. Hank’s hands fondle and caress every inch of Pam’s wonderful body, and he pays special attention to her melons, pussy, and ass. Hank squeezes Pam’s breasts and rubs her hardening nipples through her top to make them even harder. He rubs her erect clitoris by rubbing his hand between her legs and over her skirt, and Hank squeezes Pam’s her bottom and gives her sharp smacks that turn to grabs of her round ass, making Pam smile. Hank then says, “I’m not satisfied you’re not hiding anything, so I need to be more thorough with a strip search,” causing Pam’s smile to grow even more, as he starts pulling up her top. Pam’s large jugs fall and bounce from her lifted top, Hank tosses Pam’s top aside, and then pulls her skirt down, Pam steeping out when guided to do so, before tossing it aside as well. Hank resumes his thorough search, feeling her up even better with direct contact with her skin, and then says, “I’m still not sure you’re not hiding something. I’m gonna hafta cuff you to do a cavity search,” making Pam’s smile grow even more.

Hank cuffs Pam’s hands behind her back, and moves her to their couch, playfully plopping her down so she’s slumped with her hips right at the edge, her legs spread, and her restrained arms behind her. Hank kneels between Pam’s open legs, smiles seeing her horny pussy open and wet, and as he lowers his mouth to her clit, he puts his hands on her tits. Hank squeezes Pam’s mounds in his hands as he teases her hard nipples with his fingers, and looking up at her looking down at her with a smile, starts licking and sucking on her clit, making her already horny and wet pussy even more so. Pam moans from her lover’s actions to her clit and mammaries, and as the stimulation continues, she starts grinding her hips into his face in search of more stimulation. Hank responds with harder sucking and more firm licking, making Pam cry out as her back arches some, and her breathing becomes heavier as her moans become louder. Pam squirms from the pleasure, and knowing she’s getting close, Hank moves a hand from her chest to stick two fingers into Pam’s mouth for her to suck on through her moans. As she sucks on his fingers, Pam cums with a groan as she fully exhales, her body shudders, and she bites down on Hank’s fingers, but not so hard to harm him. Pam coming down from her orgasm, Hank continues licking and sucking on her clit, and pulls his fingers from her mouth to slowly slip them inside her wet cunt, making Pam moan and squirm more as she feels them entering her. Knowing Pam well, Hank easily finds her sweet spot and rubs it just how she likes it as he continues his oral work on her clit, but a littler harder. Pam moans loud with her breathing heavy as her body fidgets from the pleasure she’s receiving, and Hank sucks a little harder, licks a little more firmly, and presses his fingers harder against her G-spot as he rubs faster, making Pam cry out before panting from the pleasure between her legs. Hank makes Pam climax hard, her love muscle contracting hard around his fingers still moving inside her, and her legs clench around his head as he continues to lick and suck her clit. Pam’s eyes squeeze shut as her arching back presses her hard into the soft and giving couch, and she cries out with a full exhale as her body shakes.

As Pam’s orgasm slows to a stop, she opens her eyes to look at Hank still between her legs and smile at him, and when her contractions and spasms end, he comes up from between her legs to kiss her. As they kiss, Hank holds and caresses her head as their tongues tangle for a moment, before Hank breaks their kiss, tugging on her lip. Pam smiles, and Hank pulls Pam from the couch to her knees before standing and removing his pants and underwear. Pam’s smile grows seeing him hard, and Hank says to her, motioning to his erection, “This is the tool we use to check your cavities with. It’s very sensitive and is gonna go in all your holes.” Pam’s smile grows even more, before worriedly asking, “My ass too?” “Yep. I know it’s weird and uncomfortable at first, but it’ll be alright.” Pam worriedly groans, and reluctantly agrees with a nod, “Okay.” Hank smiles, Pam smiles back, and knowing what he wants at the moment, Pam leans forward to his cock with her eyes looking up into his and her lips closed, making him part her lips and drag lightly between her teeth as she sucks. Keeping her eyes up to Hank, Pam’s tongue starts teasingly licking the head as it slowly enters her mouth, and once she’s got about half her mouth full, she slips her tongue underneath to tease the underside and starts bobbing her head. Pam slowly takes a little more of Hank’s penis into her mouth with each rock forward of her head, making him rub against the roof of her mouth, until she makes him hit the back of her throat, making Hank groan. Pam then goes into a pattern of two short strokes rubbing his head against the roof of her mouth followed by one long to take Hank all the way to the back of her throat, all while still teasing him with her tongue. As Pam sucks on Hank’s cock as she bobs her head, dragging him lightly between her teeth and teases with her tongue, her mouth waters to slobber all over his dick, getting it wet. Having let Pam suck him some, Hank places his hands on Pam’s head to hold her still and she loosens her jaw to let him fuck her mouth some, rubbing hard against the roof of her mouth and hitting the back of her throat repeatedly. Pam’s mouth waters more, and with her mouth relaxed, her extra saliva runs from her mouth, some down her chin to drip on her tits and some runs down his thrusting erection to coat his sack. After hitting the back of Pam’s throat several times, Hank hits the back of her throat again, but this time he holds and presses hard, bending his cock some in her mouth as they look each other in the eyes. As Hank holds, Pam’s mouth waters more, and she drools down his sack and her chin, further wetting her chest. Pam’s eyes change, starting to squint, and Hank releases her head as he pulls out, trailing lots of her saliva, and Pam takes a much needed breath. His rod wet and her chest nicely drooled on, Hank pulls Pam up some by her shoulders to put her great breasts level with his wood. Hank places himself between her fleshy mounds, Pam smiling, and he starts thrusting, fucking her soft mammaries, as Pam drools extra lubrication into her cleavage and onto the head of his dick.

Hank fucks Pam’s wonderful breasts for a few minutes, before he releases her titties and removes his cock, saying, “Now I’ve gotta check your vagina with my tool,” making Pam smile. Hank helps her up from her knees, and moves her to a wall where he playfully forces her up against it, turning her head to one side and with her back arched to put hips out some. Hank lines up with her slit, grabs her hips, and gives Pam a full, sharp thrust, fully penetrating her, making her cry out from the sudden and full intrusion. Hank starts thrusting, fucking Pam so she grunts from each thrust into her and her round bottom jiggles nicely when he slams into her. He keeps one hand on her hips as he moves his other hand up to her back, between her shoulder blades to keep her properly positioned. Pam moans, grunts, and breathes heavily from the pounding, and Hank adds squeezing of her ass in his hand followed by sharp smacks he then rubs in, and he then switches hands to give love to the other cheek. The hard fucking pounding her into the wall makes Pam climax, she groans with a full exhale as her body convulses and her pussy contracts and spasms around Hank’s still thrusting cock. Pam’s orgasm ends, and Hank pulls out to spin her around, saying, “I’ve gotta check you from the other side too.” Pam’s back to the wall with her restrained hands behind her, pushing her hips out, Hank lifts Pam’s leg to put her ankle on his shoulder. As he lines up, Hank says, “Gotta get as deep as possible,” making her smile as he moves his hands to her butt to hold and squeeze. With another hard thrust and a squeeze of her ass, Hank fully penetrates her again, Pam grunting from the full intrusion, and Hank starts thrusting hard into her again. Pam moans, grunts, and breathes heavily from the fucking, but Hank leans in to kiss Pam, forcing her to breathe through her nose and make her utterances into her mouth, and their tongues start to tangle. Pam lets Hank kiss her for as long as she can until the hard and deep stimulation between her legs forces her to break their kiss to breathe hard, and to moan and grunt out loud from the fucking. Hank moves his head beside Pam’s to kiss, nibble, and breathe hot air on her neck, while still giving her round bottom squeezes, and suddenly Pam’s head rocks back to smack the wall behind her as her eyes squeeze shut. Pam groans hard with a full exhale as her body shudders with her orgasm, and Hank continues to fuck her pussy and squeeze her ass.

Pam’s orgasm ends, and with her body relaxing, Hank lets her leg down and pulls her to the couch, saying, “Now I’ve gotta get you ready for the anal exam,” making Pam slightly worried. Hank sits Pam on the couch, and spins her around as he lifts her legs to put her shoulders on the edge of the cushion with her legs propped up on the back and her head hanging off the front. Hank straddles Pam’s head, places his cock into her mouth, and she starts sucking and bobbing her head, rubbing him against the roof of her mouth and taking him as deep as she can. As Pam does, Hank leans forward to lick and suck her clit as he fingers her cunt with both hands, two fingers going in as the other two come out. After a few moments of finger-fucking Pam’s wet pussy, Hank pulls two fingers from her to tease her asshole some, before gently and slowly pushing them in, making Pam groan around his pecker in her mouth. Hank sucks harder and licks more firmly on her clit, as he fingers her vagina harder and faster, relaxing Pam so he can get his fingers inside her ass to slowly finger her butt some. Pam moans around Hank’s dick in her mouth as she sucks, licks, and bobs her head as best she can, slobbering on him in the process, until his actions on her make her cum. Pam groans around his tool in her mouth with a full exhale, as her holes spasm and contract around his still moving fingers and her body spasms, and he continues to suck and lick her clit.

Pam relaxes as her orgasm ends, and Hank gets off her to pick her up and carry her behind the couch. He positions her so she’s bent over the back of the couch, and says, “Now that you’re loosened up and my tool’s well lubricated, it’s time for the anal cavity search. Now like the vaginal, it’s done twice. You ready?” Pam nervously nods her head, “Yeah,” and she feels him lining up with her little hole, making her whimper some. Unlike the vaginal cavity search with his tool, Hank slowly eases his tool into her asshole with his hands on her hips to hold her still, Pam groaning some as she fidgets, her not liking the initial anal penetration. Uncomfortable and in a bit of pain, Pam groans and grits her teeth with hard breathing as Hank slowly probes her butt with his dick, and he reaches a hand around to rub her clit some to help. Hank slowly gets deeper into Pam’s bottom, giving her several slow, gentle strokes to allow her to get used to it before pushing in a little bit deeper, and his positioning of her ensures he hits her right for her to get pleasure. After going slowly and giving her ass time to get used to it and relax, Pam’s pain goes away and she moans and breathes heavily from the pleasure of Hank’s cock up her butt, allowing him to stop rubbing her clit and hold her hips. Still going slowly, Hank says, “See, you might not like the initial penetration, but it’s not so bad once it’s in.” “Yeah, just so long as you keep it slow and easy,” Pam replies, and continues to moan and breathe heavily from the pleasurable sensations in her bottom. “I will,” Hank replies, and continues his slow, gentle, but now full thrusts into her round behind. Pam continues her moans and heavy breathing from the pleasure, until her back arches as she takes a raggedly deep breath. She groans with a full exhale as her body trembles, her asshole contracting and spasming around Hank’s still moving penis.

Pam comes down from her anal climax, Hank pulls out of Pam, making her groan and fidget when the head stretches her hole to pass, and he moves her to the end of the couch to bend her over the armrest. Pam’s head and shoulders down on the couch cushion with her round bottom up for a great view, Hank lines up with her tight butt hole, and slowly pushes in, making Pam groan and fidget from the reinsertion of the head. His cock’s head past Pam’s tight opening, she relaxes and Hank slowly pushes until he’s fully inside her rectum again, and he slowly and gently thrusts into her bottom, making Pam moan and breathe heavily in pleasure. Hank’s slow and gentle thrusting slowly builds Pam’s anal orgasm, and as it builds, with her bottom up and not having to hold onto her hips, he gives some hand love to her bottom. Hank squeezes her ass with both hands, sharply smacks her with one hand and then the other, making her ass jiggle nicely, before rubbing it in, making Pam smile back up at him with moans of pleasure from his hands’ actions. The love to her ass makes Pam cum, she takes a raggedly deep breath, and groans with a full exhale as her body trembles, her asshole contracting and spasming around Hank’s still moving wood.

Pam’s anal climax ends, and Hank pulls out of her, making her groan and fidget when the head stretches her tight hole to pass. Hank says to her, “The results from the first vaginal probing were inconclusive, so I’m gonna hafta check your vagina again. But we’ll try it differently,” as he pulls her up, making her smile. He moves them so he lies on the couch with Pam straddling his dick while on her knees and facing him, and she lowers herself onto him, taking him fully inside her with a moan from both. Pam starts riding Hank, her breasts bouncing and jiggling nicely from her movements, and he caresses his way up from her hips to her wonderfully moving mounds. Hank caresses and fondles Pam’s mammaries, squeezes them some, and pinches, tugs, and rubs her hard nipples, making Pam moan and smile in delight with her breathing heavy. With her doing the work and ensuring he hits her just right, Pam quickly climaxes, groaning with a full exhale as her body shakes, stopping her riding. Pam smiles down at Hank, rises up, and turns around to ride him reverse cowgirl, this time giving Hank a great view of her round bottom jiggling as it slaps against him from her movements. Unable to resist, Hank fondles and caresses her butt first, before squeezing her and sharply smacking her ass, making it jiggle more, before rubbing it in. Again Pam makes herself cum quickly, as she groans with a full exhale as her body shakes, stopping her riding.

Hank’s hands slide to her hips to guide her from him, and he moves her to kneel on the floor as he turns to sit slumped on the couch, his hips right at the edge and his legs spread. Hank smiles at Pam, “One more thing. You’ve gotta take a breath test, and this one works by sucking and swallowing the liquid that comes out.” Pam smiles seductively at Hank, and gets between his legs to lean forward and suck his cock into her mouth as her eyes look up into his. With a smile, she slowly drags him along the roof of her mouth as she sucks, her tongue teases the underside, and her teeth lightly drag on him. Pam gives him two slow, short strokes along the roof of her mouth before giving him one slow, long stroke to take him to the back of her throat. Pam keeps up her slow pattern, Hank placing his hands on her head to run encouragingly through her hair, until Hank nears his climax. Ready to explode from the slow teasing, Hank pushes Pam’s head down onto his cock, making the back of her throat hit the head of his cock and press hard. He ejaculates right into the back of her throat with a groan, and after the first ejaculation, Hank’s grip loosens on Pam’s head. Pam pulls back to bob her head faster, rubbing him against the roof of her mouth as she sucks harder and drags her teeth more firmly, allowing her to taste his seed from each additional ejaculation before swallowing. Hank stops cuming in her pleasing mouth, and Pam pulls her head back some more to suck and lick the last from the tip, before releasing him from her smiling mouth, smiling seeing how pleased he is.

Pam rises up as Hank leans forward for them to kiss, and as they kiss, he reaches around behind her to release the cuffs. Her hands freed, Pam caresses Hank’s face and he wraps his arms around her to pull her up as he turns to lie on the couch with her on top of him. Hank breaks their kiss to smile at Pam, “You’re wonderful, Pam.” “So are you, Hank,” Pam smiles, they resume their kiss, and she breaks it again, tugging on his lip to smile, “I love you.” “I love you too,” he smiles, she smiles, and they quickly kiss again before resting on the couch with her in his arms.