It is a nice morning and Ashley wakes up and goes to shower. But before she looks herself in the mirror and says to herself: “Damn I miss the time of being an escort.” After her shower and her breakfast, Ashley decided to do some shopping because this evening is the special evening of playboy cybergirls. Ashely enters the Lingerie Shop and buys some satin lingerie from the brand Nina von C and some black dressy top and skirt.

She then drives at Le Bernardin restaurant located at 155 West 51st Street in New York. Hugh and other cybergirls give her a warm welcome and a lot of big hugs. But among this crowd, a muscular and tall guy stands out. His name is Big Ben English, he is very jason statham like in terms of physique but has another big advantage. His blue eyes fix Ashley’s eyes with passion and Ashley feels uncomfortable. Ashley says herself: “Damn this guy seems to know me. Let’s see what he wants.”

Ashley comes to Ben and asks him: “Do we know each other?”. Ben answers: “I know you by reputation and I also know you love the pleasures of life. Wanna hang out with me this evening? Because we can have a lot of fun.”
“Sure why not” answers Ash with her slutty voice.

After having had a nice dinner, Cured Wild Salmon; Pickled Sunchoke and Heart of Palm, Cardamom – Ginger Vinaigrette for Ashley and Wild Striped Bass Tartare; Baby Fennel, Crispy Artichoke, Black Olive Oil and Lemon for Ben, the both take a limo and go to Ash’s hotel, the New Place Hotel, Ashley felt her senses were on fire while Ben was kissing her in the neck and caressing her boobs.

Both then go out of the car, take the elevator and go the room. Ash unzips Ben’s pant and is awestruck: “Holy Fuck what a big baseball bat!!!!” Ben grabs her by the hair and starts to throatfuck Ashley fast and hard, Ashley never choked on a 10 inch cock and feels powerless. Then Ben explodes a huge load of sperm in Ash’s throat, Ash has never received so much cum from one guy. “Damn his cum is delicious” says Ash to herself.

Then Ben decides to give Ash’s pussy and ass hole a little treat, by using the doggystyle position, he gives Ash a good pussy pounding before fucking anally Ash in the reverse cowgirl position and creampieing her ass hole. After this huge and intense sexual activity Ashely and Ben are tired and go to sleep.

In the morning after the shower, Ash and Ben decide to have some sexual fantasies again. Next thing he knew she was one her knees giving me a blowjob. He had her up against a mirror fucking her tight wet cunt. Then she turned around and said she wanted her ass fucked and begged me to do it. When she told that he almost came right there and then. He turned her around and licked her went cunt and ass. Then he slid my cock in her ass. He pounded away at her ass as she begged me to fuck her harder. As He was getting closer to cumming, Ben grabs her by the hair and starts to throatfuck Ashley fast and hard. Then Ben explodes a huge load of sperm in Ash’s throat.

Ben motorboats and titfucks Ash before giving her a nice pearl necklace on her tits. Ashley takes a glance at her watch and says to Ben : “I will be late for work and I have to go, anyway I thank you for your time and the fun you gave me.” before giving Ben a huge passionate kiss on his lips