Her freshman year at college, Brea (you remember her, Breanne, the attractive, bisexual, brunette step-daughter of my cousin and the object of desire in the previous two series that has a perfectly heart-shaped, round butt that jiggles just right, pierced belly button, hairless pussy favoured by London escorts, and a colorful butterfly tattoo on her lower back and upper bottom, the wings of which follow her hourglass figure) got a job like most college students, but her job wasn’t like what most students got, working part time at some restaurant or grocery store. With her amazing body and sexuality, Brea became a stripper. But to begin with, she wasn’t the best dancer, had never pole danced, and her normally formidably ample, wonderfully perky, natural assets were now sub-par, as all the other strippers had implants making them huge, some ridiculously so, and defy gravity through their more captivating pole dances.

Brea could learn to be a better dancer and how to pole dance, and would as time went on, but her breasts, considered large and ample just about anywhere else, there among the other strippers, all with implants, they were the smallest and seamed inadequate- she felt inadequate, and they were costing her money. She knew she could fix the problem easily enough if she could make enough money, and there was only way she knew of to make up the money lost by having smaller tits.

The first time she’s picked for a private lap dance, as Brea, in her skimpy outfit and heels, escorts the man to the area for that, with other strippers preforming lap dances, Brea tells him, “There’s a simple flat fee payed up front to rent me and the room for set increments of time, but on top of that, you can still tip me for doing a good job,” smiling. The rental time paid for, and them in the private lap dance room with others getting lap dances, Brea sits her man on the long couch curving around the room, and starts her lap dance. But as the lap dance gets to the point she’s fully nude, grinding against his crotch, and rubbing her tits in his face, she wraps her arms around his shoulders to hold his head. Brea seductively whispers in his ear, asking, “Wouldn’t you like me to jerk you off?” She gets her response from his formally partially stiffened dick becoming fully aroused and at attention, she purrs, smiling with a pleased, “Mmm,” and asks, “Handjob?” His cock throbs, she smiles, and asks in whispered seduction, “Cum on my face?” His dick throbs once again, and Brea smiles before sliding from his lap to kneel on the floor before him and part his legs with a seductive smile. In full view of all the others giving Brea a bit of a rush that she may be watched as she performs, but them focused on their own action and less on what’s around them, she pulls out his throbbing erection. Brea drools on him and spits in her hands for good lubrication, and jerks him off hard and fast, verbally encouraging him to cum for her. It doesn’t take much before he blows his load on her happily smiling face, making him smile in his orgasm induced relaxation. She orally cleans him, puts him back into his pants, puts her skimpy clothes back on, and helps him from the room, him giving her a big tip. She tucks her tip under her top, and smiles seductively, “I’m happy to go further or entertain larger groups as well and have real parties,” smiling seductively at him, causing him to smile back.

Her first few clients only get to her seductively asking, “Wouldn’t you like me to jerk you off,” her getting her answer from their cocks. Of them, most go for the handjobs, but some go for option number two, that she asks seductively, “Footjob?” In either event, she purrs, smiling with a pleased, “Mmm,” and asks where they would like to cum on her, assuming that any form of jerk off would necessitate them cuming on her. If handjob, she seductively asks, “On my face? On my tits?” Again Brea getting her answer from the cock she’s grinding against, and slides to the floor to pull out his throbbing hard-on to slobber on before jerking him off, not taking much to make him explode all over her exposed tits, making Brea smile before orally cleaning him. If footjob, she replaces her breasts for, “On my feet?” Again their dicks give her their answer, and Brea slides to the floor to pull out his hard cock and slobber on it for lubrication. To give a footjob, Brea sits on the floor and leans back on her hands with her hips rotated to raise her feet, she wraps them around him to jerk him off so he cums on her feet, making Brea smile before orally cleaning him. If to jerk him off with her feet onto her face, Brea assumes a more awkward position to facilitate such an act, sitting more upright with her body bent in half to jerk his dick off with her feet onto her face, making her smile before orally cleaning him. Afterward, as she helps them from the room and gets her large tip, she smiles seductively, “I’m happy to go further or entertain larger groups as well and have real parties,” smiling seductively at him, causing him to smile back.

After a few days, Brea got more new clients as word spread of the stripper giving happy endings to her lap dances, and she started getting repeat business from her first few clients. This time, having experienced her once before and knowing the first question, were curious enough to see what the next questions could be and how far she’s willing to go to hold their erections in check. But they were only briefly able to keep their dicks in check as Brea asks in seductive whisper, “Wouldn’t you like me to jerk you off? Blow you? Titty-fuck you? Stick your big dick in my tight little cunt? My tighter ass perhaps?” Whichever gets the man’s penis to stand at attention, she purrs, smiling with a pleased, “Mmm.”

If blow them, she slides from their lap to pull them out and gets to work immediately with no further questions, assuming they want to cum in her mouth and want her to swallow. She gives them not the best blowjob she can, but the best they’ve ever had, the way she makes their dick part her lips, lightly drags her teeth, licks and sucks them as she takes them to the back of her throat. And how she presses them against the back of her throat and rocks her head around until they blow their load for her to swallow, making her smile.

If titty-fuck, she assumes they want to cum on her tits, and gets to work, sliding from their lap to pull them up to stand before smiling as she pulls out their erections. Brea gives quick blowjobs to slobber all over their cocks to get them wet, and then drools more between her soft mounds before rising up to squeeze her tits together around him and pump. Like the blowjob, Brea doesn’t give the best titjob she can, just the best he’s ever had, as she does make the heads rub between her mounds some, and she drools additional lubricating saliva into her cleavage. Brea pumps until he ejaculates onto her chest, giving her a pearl necklace that makes her smile up at him before orally cleaning him.

If vaginal, she asks, “I ride you? You fuck me doggie style,” if she is to do the work, she further asks, “Cowgirl? Reverse cowgirl,” and then asks, “Cum on me? In me?” For the cowgirls and doggie, she gives the choices for cuming on her as, “On my stomach,” her back and bottom for reverse cowgirl and doggie styles, “On my face? On my tits,” and as for in her, “In my mouth? In my pussy?” Again she gets her answer from his cock, and depending on the answer, she pulls him out to ride him cowgirl with her tits in his face, reverse cowgirl with his arms around her, or lets him fuck her doggie style. If he wanted to cum on her, if a cowgirl, she gets off him to jerk him off onto wherever he wanted, getting sperm on her face, tits, and stomach, and for the doggie, lets him jerk himself off onto her back and bottom when ready or he moves around to her face as she turns to him to take it with a smile, orally cleaning him after. If cum in her mouth, if she’s riding, she kneels on the floor to jerk him off into her smiling mouth to swallow, or if doggie, he moves around to her face as she turns to him to take it with a smile before orally cleaning him. If in her, she just keeps riding, or he just keeps fucking her until he deposits his seed in her pussy, making her smile.

If he wants anal, she gives him the same options as for the vaginal sex, but he can cum in her butt instead. She then gives a quick, slobbering blowjob to lubricate him while fingering her ass to get ready before taking him inside her bottom. All of this while in full view of the other strippers and patrons in the room with them, giving Brea a big thrill.

Once her original patrons had experienced all the options solo, they started bringing in friends for the parties Brea said she’d be happy to entertain, all excitingly in front of the others. They started small, only bringing in one other, and each got their choice of the hows and wheres. If they chose different hows, she could do them both at once, but if they chose the same how, they had to wait their turn, and she got various forms of double penetrations, but never two guys in the same hole at once. With two, Brea mostly got spit roasts, vaginal/anal double penetrations, and double jerk-off blowjobs, where she kneels between them, jerking off one in each hand as she turns her head back and forth to suck their cocks.

Soon Brea was entertaining three, four, and even five guys at the same time, each with their option of how and where, getting lots of cock and cum, all in arousing full view. She got a few gang bangs with everyone using the same place to the same cumy result, and many forms of multiple penetrations with the guys rotating around her, again never two guys in the same hole at the same time. The parties grew further in size to see how many she’d be willing to take on as she got six guys at once, and then seven, the most she could take on all at once, and never two guys simultaneously occupying the same hole. The parties continued to grow, her patrons trying to see how many guys the sex-craved slut would be willing to take on, but beyond seven, they all pretty much devolved to Brea getting gang banged by a bunch of guys waiting their turn to use the same place to the same cumy result or rotating around her.

She liked all of it, but her absolute favorite was getting seven guys all at once to completely occupy all her sexual abilities with cock. With one guy on his back on a table, Brea would lie on top of him with him in her butt, fucking her, as she’s mouth-fucked by a second. She jerks off two more at her sides, one with each hand, and a fifth straddles her chest backwards as he fucks her tits. A sixth with her legs wrapped around him pounds her pussy, and the seventh behind the guy in her cunt, holds her feet around his cock to fuck them. The guy using her mouth cums in her for her to swallow, and the guy humping her tits blows his load onto her stomach before he leaves so she can jerk off the two onto her chest. The guys in her pussy and ass deposit their sperm into her respective holes, and the guy in her pussy ducks out from under her legs so the guy fucking her feet can blow his load onto her stomach too. Again, all in full view of the other strippers and patrons, giving Brea a big thrill beyond just the fucking and incidental orgasms.

A highly sexual cock- and cum-hungry slut, Brea was happily getting her fill of both with her wonderful job, getting paid to show off her amazing natural body to men and get fucked, and filled and covered in sperm. And after she started giving the happy endings to her lap dances, and her dancing got better, her tips for stripping went up too, with guys hoping to get their chance with her, knowing she only had so much time to give. Soon she would have the money to buy herself a set of fake tits to make some real dough, but she would have to wait for the summer break to get them.