Julie was twenty six and her boyfriend, Roy, was thirty five; having been going steady for only six months theirs was a slightly unusual arrangement. Julie was submissive and therefore allowed Roy full domination over her life not just her sex life either.

Their relationship had been quite rapid in its development and Julie had actually longed for Roy to make love to her on their first date but it had taken the third date before he had read the signs correctly. Tonight Roy was planning a special night to test the limits of Julie’s obedience; he had been talking her through what he expected for the last week and now she had her flat to herself as both her flatmates would be out all night.

She shared a three bedroomed apartment with two other single females, Sandra and Ann, who both dating had agreed to stay out overnight and give Julie a free hand. Roy had told Julie to arrange the living room in a certain way and then to take a long hot bath before shaving her pubes twice to ensure complete sensitivity. He had also instructed her on what she was to wear and this surprised Julie for she had expected him to prefer stockings, suspenders and lots of lacy underwear, instead he had told her to wear a plain tee shirt and a short skirt and nothing else.

As the afternoon wore on; Julie could not help but wonder more and more about what the night would hold for her; several times she had to mentally fight off the urge to play with herself but it had been made plain to her that this was a really big no no; and would result in her being severely punished. It anticipation became worse when both Sandra and Ann announced they were off and she should enjoy herself.

Now alone in the flat she began to prepare the living room, she cleared the table and moved it to the back of the room. Then she pulled the sofa away from the wall as instructed so there was space to walk right round it, finally she took the winged dining chair and sat it four feet from the 42 inch TV Screen. No sooner had she completed this then she dashed upstairs and ran her bath figuring she would have about an hour to soak and still leave enough time to shave her cunt as per her instructions.

As she lovingly lathered her body she felt a special tingle as her mind raced ahead to what could possibly happen when her loving master finally turned up. She thought of a million scenarios all ending up with her taking her boyfriend’s load in the face and her generous tits.

All too soon her mobile phone rang as the built in alarm clock reminded her it was time to shave her cunt; she sat on the edge of the bath as she massaged the shaving foam into her pubes, carefully trying to avoid her soapy fingers making contact with her now super sensitive clit. Gently she shaved her cunt and ran her hand over the smooth skin feeling that once was enough but then she reminded herself she risked punishment by not obeying to the letter her instructions. So she automatically began spreading a second coat of foam over her cunt and once more began shaving; by the time she had cleaned herself up she knew why he had insisted in her shaving twice, for her cunt lips tingled and her pubic bone almost glowed with passion.

Returning to the bedroom she carefully pulled on the short skirt and then tried to put on her plain white tee shirt without letting its fabric rub her erect nipples as she straightened the tee shirt. All too soon she sat wondering what to do till Roy arrived. She went over the furniture in the living room and could not help but wonder why the sofa had to be away from the wall and wondering if the single dining chair in front of the TV meant she would be watching a porno. Julie had seen a couple of adult movies in her life and had always got so turned on by them that she would cum just by trapping her cunt lips together between her thighs.

She tried the chair to see how it would feel to be there watching the TV and thought that the distance from the set would mean that the large size of the set would be like sitting in a cinema. She could not help but fantasise about the contents of such films that Roy may show her and in fact she was rudely shaken from this daydream by the ringing of the front door bell.

She hurried to the front door and upon opening that door, she threw her arms around her boyfriend; she was a little taken back when he pushed her away. Picking up his black flight bag he ordered her to go inside; having closed the door he told her to stand perfectly still with her legs spread apart. He placed his hand on her lower thigh; lightly touching her skin and slowly moved his hand up under her skirt. She gasped as his fingers touched her still soaking wet cunt lips and he smiled for the first time.

Roy asked her if she had shaved as he had instructed and she rather gleefully said she had, but was soon brought back to earth when he challenged that she had played with herself and had in fact orgasmed against his wishes. She pleaded her innocence and promised on everything she could think of that she had refrained from playing with her tits and cunt.

With a scornful look on his face, Roy ordered her to go to the living room and he closely followed her. Once inside the living room he glanced around before placing his flight bag on the table. He ordered Julie to take a seat on the single dining chair.

Going to his flight bag, Roy removed six short lengths of soft Japanese bondage ropes and carefully placed them behind the sight line of Julie. Ordering her to place her left arm on the arm rest of the dining chair he took the first rope and bound her arm to the armrest beginning at the wrist and tying off just below the elbow. He then ordered her to place her right arm on the opposite arm rest and likewise tied her arm down before taking a firm but gentle hold on her right ankle and moving it beside the front right leg of the chair. This time he bound the ankle to the chair leg without spreading the rope up her calf and similarly he bound her left ankle.

Returning to the flight bag he retrieved a neck support collar similar to the ones used in accident scenes which prevent the patient from turning their head and quickly applied it to Julie’s neck, now she was forced to stare straight ahead. Roy now became much more vocal telling this was no good he could not see his slutty whore’s cunt and taking the fifth piece of rope he passed around her knee before pulling the left knee towards the left side of the dining chair and secured it firmly. Repeating this on the right side now he had a clear view of her already aroused cunt with its open lips and clit just about peeking out.

Roy lightly ran his finger along the inside of her thigh and delighted in seeing her tremble as he neared her engorged cunt; he never touched her cunt though as he laughed that his whore was indeed like a dam ready to burst and he would prolong her frustrating agony for much longer before; if she was a good slut then he may just allow her to orgasm. The way he stressed orgasm made Julie excited even further for he said it like it was the most magical experience in the whole wide world.

Returning to his flight bag he removed a mouth spreader and approached from behind Julie, “Open wide my little slut!” he commanded and she did so without thinking. Suddenly she felt the cold metal arms of the spreader against her teeth and just as suddenly she felt a discomforting ache in her jaw as Roy ratcheted the device as wide as possible. Now unable to move her jaw let alone close her mouth felt strange to Julie and yet it just added to her feeling of being dominated.

Roy now walked over to the TV and slipped a DVD into the player, turning on the set he stepped back and Julie saw the images burst into life on the huge screen before her. There were three black men surrounding a slim white female. Julie watched in awe as they first stripped her of her clothing by ripping each item from her defenceless body and then two held her down while the third man undressed. She would have groaned out aloud when she saw the size of his cock had it not been near impossible with the mouth spreader being in place. This man then replaced one of the other men who also undressed revealing an equally impressive cock; Soon all three black men were naked and sporting semi hard cocks to die for.

By Now Julie was salivating so much her own saliva was running down her chin and strands were hanging as it fell on to her white tee shirt. Even in her current highly aroused state she worked out that in all probability her tatty clothes would at some stage be ripped from her body. The white tee shirt now becoming almost transparent where the saliva had soaked in and because of this it was beginning to show a large portion of her 36D breasts, much to Roy’s delight.

On the screen before her Julie watched as one of the men told the woman to open her mouth and was shocked by the force of the slap when she refused. Roy noticed her surprise so he informed her that this was not some staged rape but an actual rape taking place and therefore there was no acting. He then scared Julie somewhat by telling her that she could be the woman with a simple phone call as he had Leroy’s number and he was the leader of this little group.

The scene on the TV now showed a reluctant woman with her mouth wide open and the man Julie thought was Leroy approaching her with his massive cock in hand. Just before his cock touched her lips Leroy stopped and laughed as he began to piss, at first just a dribble came out the eye of his cock but that soon turned into a raging torrent of golden urine and the poor girl had no chance of avoiding the full flow. She was made to swallow as much as she could with Leroy threatening that he could just as easily shit in her mouth if he wanted to. The flow of piss began to slow and soon stopped as Leroy delighted in telling his captive that she was now going to suck his cock clean. The poor girl literally struggled to get his cock head into what seemed her tiny mouth. Roy noticed that Julie was almost squirming in her chair, he rightly figured she was trying to massage her cunt lips into bringing on her orgasm, but the way he had her tied made this impossible.

Roy slowly unzipped his trousers and pulled his seven and a half inch cock from inside, he walked up to Julie and manoeuvred himself in front of her; now with the mouth spreader he need not order her to open her mouth but he did just for effect. Slowly the first trickle of urine escaped his cock and splashed on to her already wet Tee shirt and as the stream increased in flow it climbed up towards her mouth. “Be a good slut and drink my piss!” Roy demanded.

Soon he was pissing into Julie’s mouth and she was trying her best to swallow it all but unable to close her mouth more of it went back out and down over her chest than went down her throat. Once Roy had finished he feigned anger telling her she had wasted his present to her and for that he was going to phone Leroy and watch as the gang used her like the whore she was.

Roy then took his mobile phone and made a call telling the person on the other end of the phone that he had a parcel of womanhood that needed to be cocked and by big black cocks at that. He went on further to say that he wanted at ten black cocks to come over and use the bitch but he had one demand, that the total length of cock used on her was to be exactly 60 inches, laughing as he said that would be an inch of cock for every inch in height of the bitch. Then he shut off the phone and smiled at Julie. The look of absolute fear in her eyes was unbelievable.

Roy now returned to the flight bag and removed a Stanley knife and once more returned to standing in front of Julie, extracting the blade he smiled as he ran its edge lightly over her tits and making a point of gently pressing the corner of the blade into her nipples. Then he took the edge of her tee shirt and began cutting it with the blade working his way up to her neck and soon the tee shirt was not only in shreds but also lying in a heap on the floor, he muttered loud enough for her to hear, “Leroy will just love slapping those tits around for a bit!”

Similarly he then cut away her skirt leaving her now naked and bound to the chair, he was just about to begin playing with her cunt when his attention was drawn to the sound of clapping coming from the doorway of the living room. There stood Sandra, she quickly explained that she was sorry to interrupt their fun but her wanker of a boyfriend had let her down at the last minute and had to go into work so she was at a loose end. She swore she was going to give up useless men as they were nothing but disappointments.

Roy saw this as a challenge and immediately walked over to Sandra, she stood her ground when he suddenly grabbed her by the hair and forced her further into the room. “Slut, you will have to pay for interrupting my pleasure!” he announced and he literally forced her to her knees between the splayed legs of Julie and facing her.

“So you are off men, well then you are a perfect candidate to lick a woman’s cunt! Bitch.” He snarled. With that he thrust her head between Julie’s legs and told Sandra to lick my fucking bitch’s twat! He held her head tight there until he saw her tongue begin to snake out to taste his girlfriend’s nectar.

Releasing some of the pressure he was delighted to see that she did not pull away from her task and took this as a sign that she was willing for more oh so much more. He grabbed her arm and almost yanked her to her feet demanding she get out of her clothes or she would face him cutting them off her body like he had Julie’s clothes. Obediently Sandra began to undress and earned a slap across her arse for not being quick about it.

Soon she stood naked before this total stranger to her, he demanded to know what her tit size was and was informed they were 32C. He roughly pushed his hand between her legs and commented on the fact she was not shaved and she would soon learn to love having her cunt shaved or she had better begin loving her arse being bright red and stinging from the spanking she would get regularly.

Ordering her to stand there, facing her flatmate, with her legs wide open; Roy went to his flight bag and pulled out several clothes pegs. The first of these he attached one inch to the left of Sandra’s right nipple the next one was attached an inch to the right of the same nipple. Likewise he attached two to Julie’s right nipple and then completed the set by repeating this on both women’s left breasts.

The last two clothes pegs he attached to Sandra’s cunt lips and now he used his hands to spread the pegs on her right breast causing the nipple to be pulled and stretched as he brought his mouth down on to it. Then with a quick firm nip he gripped the nipple between his teeth and looked up into Sandra’s face, she winced but said nothing. Releasing her nipple he smiled as he said can you withstand the same treatment on your clit which had Sandra shaking her head.

Thinking on his feet Roy was formulating a plan of action now as he had originally intended his night of lust would involve only Julie but now it was also going to involve Sandra as well. He decided to play a hunch and he demanded, “Sandra, you are a horny bitch and as such you are bound to have some sex toys to use on that horny fuck slit of yours! Go now and bring me all your fuck toys and do not even think of leaving a single one behind!”

Sandra trotted off like a good little robot and returned ten minutes later with a small assortment of toys, they ranged from a medium sized butt plug to an impressive looking fat rubber cock which would not have looked out of place in the DVD that had just finished playing on the TV.

Roy handled the toys asking her where she used this toy and how or where she used this one and how often; he did not know whether to believe her or not when she said that the butt plug was used on her boyfriend regularly. However he told her that for tonight it would be used on her own anal ring and furthermore she was going to use the large rubber cock on Julie’s cunt, but only after he had inserted his own toy into her cunt and then the race would be on.

Both women looked puzzled until he explained, “It really is quite simple; I am going to put an omni-pod egg up your cunt and the butt plug up your cunt and then you are going to use this rubber cock on Julie’s cunt and the first one to cum will lose. Now because Julie here has been teased already and is so close to cumming it is only fair that you can use the rubber cock which does not vibrate on her whilst I will be using this special vibrator on you with the added pressure of the butt plug up your tight arse!”

“The loser will receive six hard spanks from me on any part of their body I choose!” he continued, “The winner can suck my cock until I shower their faces with spunk and they will be number one slave for the rest of the night and the loser will have to obey me and her until I say otherwise!” Roy declared.

With that He made Sandra bend over and standing to the side he spread her arse cheeks allowing Julie to see her tight little rosebud of an anus. Then making Sandra suck the butt plug to lubricate it he told her he was going to shove it up her arse. Sandra nearly baulked at the thought of sucking the butt plug knowing it had been up her boyfriend’s arse and despite being thoroughly cleaned she guessed she would still taste his anal juices on it. She managed to suck it and lubricate it enough and soon felt its tip pressing against her sphincter muscle.

Roy suddenly asked “Hard or soft?” Sandra unsure what he meant chose the soft option and heard Roy laugh, “I knew you would choose that so I reversed the decision and you will get the opposite of what you chose!” with that he suddenly thrust the butt plug against her anal ring and watched as she let out almost a howling scream as the first two inches of the conical shape disappeared up her anal chute. Now he applied steady pressure until the narrow collar around the end of the butt plug held the device in place. Sandra’s body was trembling as she stood there getting accustomed to the intrusion in her arse. Meanwhile Roy walked over to his now nearly empty flight bag and produced a small egg shaped ball with a long wire extruding from one end and a second half circle control box.

He placed the egg in Sandra’s hand and plugged the free end of the wire into the control unit and pressed a couple of buttons and suddenly the egg began not only to vibrate but also oscillate too. Switching it off, he now slipped it into Sandra’s extremely wet cunt before announcing, “The effect you just felt is only one of 8 set patterns for this unit and each one is stronger than the one before and guess who chooses which setting it will be on?”

Sandra managed to mumble the single word answer and instantly regretted saying “You!” For she felt the heat of a hard slap across her arse cheeks as Roy reminded her of her duty as a slut to respect her master and address him appropriately. She apologised and called him Sir which made Roy smile. Then handing her the rubber cock she had fetched earlier she turned round and waited until being told to slip it up Julie’s cunt. Once embedded in Julie, Roy announced go and switched on the omni-pod as Sandra began working the rubber cock in and out of Julie’s cunt.

Well who won the contest? If you want to know then watch out for the second chapter of this tale of exquisite torture.