Six days had passed since Lisa turned 18. Lisa was a senior in high school, three months away from graduating, and a shy and smart girl. She was a petite brunette, 5″7, with a nice lean body. Lisa was a virgin who had a curiosity of dating boys but due to her shy nature and her academics kept her busy. She received news that she was accepted into MIT and Stanford due to her resume in high school. Before leaving school that day she dropped by to say hi to her math teacher Mr Suresh and thank him.

“Thanks, couldn’t have done it without you” said Lisa
“My Pleasure” said Mr Suresh

Mr Suresh, born Raj Suresh was a 5″11, 32 year old Indian man with glasses, dark brown skin, and a bulky build. Lisa and a lot of other students had a crush on him, he had kind of a slight Indian accent but was mostly Amercanized.

Lisa headed out to see her friends, she called them because she could not see them in the parking lot.

“Hey where are you guys?” asked Lisa
“We are gonna be REALLY late, sorry, it is an emergency” said a voice through the phone as her friends hung up.

Lisa was frustrated and started grunting. She walked inside the building ran into Mr Suresh.

“Missed the bus” asked Mr Suresh
“No, more like my ride” said Lisa
“Oh that sucks, I can drop you off where you need to be” said Mr Suresh
“Thank you!” said Lisa

Lisa got in Mr Suresh’s car and getting curious she asked him where he lived. Mr Suresh asked her if she wanted a tour of his house, Lisa said she is graduating high school and it would be a pleasure.

Mr Suresh was a divorced man at his age and he took Lisa into his house. It was a great house, he got it from the money he had teaching at MIT. Lisa and Mr Suresh talked.

Lisa sat down on Mr Suresh’s house and Mr Suresh told her he may need to check on something in his room. Lisa sat for 5 minutes, looked around and got bored. She was very horny and decided to take her pants off and rub herself. Lisa moaned as she did that and then decided to go a bit deeper in.

3 minutes later Mr Suresh came in and caught her.

“LISA!” he yelled
“ooooo, I am 18 and legal, you have all the rights in the world to do whatever you want with me, shut the blinds, and come here!” said Lisa

Mr Suresh shut the blinds and pulled his pants off. Lisa smiled and kept fingering herself. Mr Suresh walked towards her, stuck his fingers in her panties and fingered her fast and passionately.

Lisa moaned

“oooooo ya, uh uh uh omg you do it better than I ever could baby” she said

Mr Suresh then proceeded to take off her panties and eat her out. He stuck his mouth all over her pussy and ate her out. Lisa had never before been subjected to such intensity and she started to have minor squirts when Mr Suresh took his mouth off.

After eating her pussy, Mr Suresh started to lick Lisa’s ass, spit on it some and then stuck his finger in there.

Lisa moaned in pain after 3 inches of Mr Suresh’s index finger went into her butt.

“aaaa, ooooo shit, it is tight baby it is tight but PUT IT ALL IN THERE” said Lisa

Mr Suresh managed to stick two of his fingers into Lisa’s ass all the way as she yelled and moaned, she was sweating as well.

Mr Suresh then vibrated his fingers in Lisa’s ass she moaned louder.
“DAMN DAMN DAMN” said Lisa

After fingering her for a long time, Mr Suresh looked at Lisa and said

“alright, I am going to ask you to close your eyes as I give you a chance to suck me off, will you do that for me?”

Lisa, trusting Raj, nodded and smiled.

“Alright close your eyes and open your mouth” he said
Lisa obeyed

Mr Suresh pulled out his 9 inch cock with a 4 inch girth, and inch by inch he inserted his dick into Lisa, after 6 inches Lisa could barely fit the rest of his cock into her mouth. She tried to fit another inch in but failed.

Mr Suresh then started deep throating Lisa who could barely hold on. After 4 minutes of sweating, Lisa shook her head and opened her eyes, she could no anymore.

By Lisa’s signal, Mr Suresh took all of his dick out of her as Lisa opened her eyes wide. Her mouth was too worked to say something but she grabbed Raj’s dick and stroked it with both hands with her eyes open in shock all the way.

Raj picked Lisa up after 5 minutes and carried her to his bedroom. Mr Suresh then laid her down on the bed and smiled at her.

“Oh god, that thing in me?! go for it baby, DO ME!” said Lisa

Mr Suresh took the signal and rammed it all in as Lisa moaned and after 2 minutes of intensive fucking started to yell. Seeing her do so, Mr Suresh laid on top of Lisa and bear hugged her. He continued to ram her really hard to the point she yelled

“oh shit, this is too much, too much! too much! too much!” said Lisa

Mr Suresh did not stop for another 2 minutes until Lisa yelled again: “OOOO FUCK MY ASSHOLE IS DEAD! OFF! SERIOUSLY!”

After hearing her cry, Raj got off and Lisa tried standing up only to see that she could not. She laid on the bed with her face down and said:

“well, too late now, finish me off, blow the load on my face”

Mr Suresh got on top of her and laid on top of her back, inserted his penis in her and then rammed her hard for nearly 5 minutes laying right on top of her.

Lisa was sweating and almost blacking out, there was drool coming from her mouth as she barely remembered anything. She could not feel her body from waist down. Mr Suresh was still pounding away at her. She let out a LARGE squirt and moaned loudly while doing so.

A few minutes later Mr Suresh picked Lisa up and fucked her for 5 minutes. After that he laid on the bed and asked Lisa to grind on him.

“I won’t be walking to days after this” said Lisa

Lisa grinded on Mr Suresh after while doing so she moved as if she was possessed and getting an exorcism. A few minutes later she could barely much much and then just fell back.

Mr Suresh blew a large load which covered all of Lisa’s face.

“Aaaaaa damn” said Lisa

she managed to put all of the load in her mouth and after doing so she requested mr suresh pick her up and help her move around, she tried to walk on two legs but had to instead but lifted up

her pale skin rubbed against mr suresh’s dark brown skin and all Lisa could do was dream about doing it over again, she was still worn out and as she stood up, mr suresh smacked her butt hard

Lisa yelled and said “OH YA! I AM SO READY!”

she tackled Mr Suresh and again sucked him for nearly a minute, then asked him to finger her again, Mr suresh did so intensely again but this time lisa was loving it and she smiled

“I am ready for any guy in college now thanks to you!”

she grinded her pussy against mr suresh’s body and then let out a bit of a squirt

she could still not walk but mr suresh helped her get dressed and drove her home

Lisa got his number and dreamed about the day for years to come