Her name is Jill a London escort living in the USA, she is tall and has a divine body but you better not mess with her because she will kick your ass. How is she dressed? Very easy to guess. Leather pants, python tiags, a small tshirt letting her gigantic 34ddd tits to be seen and she also wears a schott perfecto jacket. Jill decided to stop at the town of Reno before heading to Vegas.

She goes to a bar and enters, some beer belly dudes look at her like an object of desire and are creaming their pants. Jill orders a drink :”Bartender, give me a glass of Jack Daniel and some fried turkey with fries please.” The bartender replies”Ok madam, that will make 20$.” While eating her delicious meal, one beer belly dude called Ralph decided to paw Jill by grabbing her breasts. Jill punched him in the face violentely,before grabbing him by the throat and before putting a huge bowie under Ralph’s cock, Jill says: “So fat pig, is this your way to approach women?You are lucky enough that I don’t cut your cock and make you chew it. You better get out of my sight if you want to stay alive. Now get out”.

Ralph was pale and was trembling of fear. It was the first time he encountered a such temperamental woman but knowing Jill wasn’t kidding, he left in a hurry. The bartender apologized:”I am very sorry Madam of this accident, maybe I can offer you the coffee and the dessert”. Jill answered with a big grin on her face: “Sure with pleasure”. She was tasting a nice brownie with a nice irish coffee. Mark the bartender, was a former marine quite peaceful and full of life, very muscular body and well gifted by nature too. Mark said to Jill: “I am going to close the bar, Madam.” “Before you close the bar, let me give you a special treat” said Jill. Jill was kissing Mark with passion, she then went on her knees, unzipped Mark’s pants and started to masturbate and caress his cock in order to be rock hard. In less than 5 minutes, Mark’s cock was hard as iron, Jill said to herself : “A nice ten inches rod, great I need to fullfill my fantasies.”Jill was licking Mark’s balls before sucking his dick with passion, Jill’s expert tongue was putting Mark in all his senses, then Jill felt a huge and warm load filling her throat. “Holly fuck, his cum is so tasty” she said to herself. Mark was living a pure moment of happiness. The next day Jill showed and asked Mark: “Do ya know where I can find a motel? Btw excuse me what’s your name?” “My name’s Mark, madam. The nearest motel is 20 miles north if you follow the interstate. Can you tell me what’s your first name Ma’am?” “Jill. Thank you again for the food and the welcome.” before getting on her motorcyle, Jill hugged Mark with a passionate kiss on his cheek.

Jill was riding fast to Reno, nearly 110mph but knowing her taste for fast bikes and strong sensations, she decided to do it. For her riding fast was equal to having good sex. At Reno, she saw a motel alongwith a bar where she could sleep. Another biker called Brad with long hairs looking like Reno Raines but riding a 2006 harley davidson night train, approached her. “Hi. It is very cool to see a woman riding a dyna. I see a lot of women riding Harleys but a Dyna Wide Glide not so common.” Jill answered:” Nice Ride buddy, I really liked the Night Train but the riding position wasn’t really what I thought was comfortable. You got an s&s 109ci motor on it?”. Brad answered her:”the original motor was weak and couldn’t go fast enough and even with mods, I would be at least as slow as a slug. Did you have yours modded by “Big Daddy Drew”?”. “Yep and I wanted my wide glide to be unique” said Jill. “Well, I am very pleased to see a lady with such refined taste in harleys, allow me to buy you a lunch” said Brad.”With pleasure” said Jill.

During the lunch which lasted an hour both Brad and Jill exchanged the memories of their youth and their most memorable rides.”Who would have thought that ? You were in sturgis in 2003 and I have not even noticed you.” said Brad. “Maybe I wasn’t such a “b a d” girl as I am now” smiled Jill. Jill and Brad played American pool and chess during long hours. Both smiled, laughed and enjoyed the good fun they had. “I am offering you the diner, because you are gentleman and you have made me a good impression”. The diner consisted of fried chicken, fried potates and mushrooms, pabst blue ribbon beer and a pumpkin pie. “The diner was excellent, maybe I can repay you that by staying with me at my motel room?” said Brad. “Sure, I don’t mind some company and some fun too” said Jill with a big grin. Jill started kissing Brad with passion and pride. After that she then went on her knees, unzipped Brad’s pants and started to masturbate and caress his cock in order to be rock hard. In less than 5 minutes, Brad’s cock was hard as iron. Brad unzipped Jill’s leather pants and started to lick her delicious blonde pussy and her ass hole, 10 minutes later both Brad and Jill were 69 ing each other. Jill felt an urge to have her wet moist pussy and her tight ass hole fucked by a 10 inch monster. “Please fuck me in doggy style before sodomizing me while pulling my hair strongly” ordered Jill.

“You want to have it rough then you will have it rough as you wish” answered Brad. Brad plunged the whole lenght of his dick in jill’s pussy before fucking very hard as well as sliding inside out during 30 minutes. “I can’t take it anymore. It hurts. Please fuck my ass” said Jill. Brad slammed his dick in Jill’s ass hole and Jill felt that somethig hot and warm was burning inside her. Jill never felt so good, the anal creampie she received was huge but truth to be told she could put a man in all his senses. In the morning before leaving and after the shower, Jill said to Brad:”It has been a long time that I haven’t seen a man taking such a good care of me. Let me give you a special treat for thanking you of this kind attention.” Jill went on her knees, unzipped Brad’s pants and started to masturbate and caress his cock in order to be rock hard. Jill was empaling herself on Brad’s dick with passion, Brad couldn’t take anymore that one moment Jill felt a huge flow of cum filling her throat and getting out of her mouth: “hmm, hmm. delicious cum from such a big rod. too bad that I don’t encounter such god gifted guys more often” said Jill to herself. Before living for Vegas and getting on her motorcyle, she kissed Brad with a passion and said him “Thank you again for the wonderful moments and memories, you have brought to me. I hope we will meet again” before shading a small tear.

Brad caressed Jill’s lovely long blond hair and her face and said to her: “Don’t worry, here is my cell phone number. Anytime you want a ride, call me I will be there for you.”. Jill was heading to Vegas and Brad was heading to San Fernando, both full of good memories of the nice time they had together.