Me and a few of my friends went to a bar to relax after hell at work. Game on the TV, and pool tables open. Shit, Happy Hour comming quick too. Good times. Me and my pals, Frankie and Jay, skip the beer and hit the scotch. Hell, we were walking distance from my place, and its Friday, so fuck it. Drunk times are upon us! So, after a few rounds of scotch, and a few rounds of pool, a group of girls come in the bar. They already seem a bit gone, yet they get served. Shit, They started early, its only 7:30pm. At least we have an excuse. So, one of the 4 girls starts to eye me. Shes more drunk them the other, then again, so am I. But Me and Jay still continue our game. As I try and take a shot, sinking the 7 ball in the corner, I believe, the girl bumps my stick, making me scratch. I turn around just in time for her to damn near fall on me, grabing my junk as she does.

Sounds like a move Ive pulled many times myself, so Im not used to it being done to me. It was cool, what can I say. As I pick her up, I hear her friends start to laugh and cat call. Soooo, the female version of Me, Frankie, and Jay. Crazyness. I didnt even know what to think. She drunkenly walks back to her friends for high fives. I still dont even know.

Id say about 45 minutes and a couple more rounds go by, and she starts to come towards me again. Im on my stool now, since I lost my last game to Frankie, and He’s playing Jay now. “So, would you fuck me if you could?” Considering I just got back my man card from Jay for saying the movie “Twilight” is ok, I cant say no. “Lady, I would do more then fuck you, Id make you shake afterwards”. Well, I belive she liked that responce. “You live around here?” She says. Yes I do, about a block away. Wanna see my place? “Yes, I want you to make me shake! You better live up to your word you lil shit!” She winks as she tells her friends, and they all cheer and take a shot. I tell Jay and Frankie about it, as they nudge me and haze my a bit. Fuck em, Im getting laid, not them. Me and the girl make at the door as I take her by the hand and open the door to go out.

“Whats your name guy?” Im Mick, and you? “Kendra, and my friends are Alice, Sarah, and Anna.” My pals are Jay and Frankie, good friends of mine. “Thats nice, I want your dick in me soon, or Ill take one of them!” Damn, at least shes an honest one. We get back to my place, and as soon as we get in, Shes on her knees, unbuckling my belt aready. She gets it, and take out my 7 inch cock, and begins to lick the tip. She smiles as she takes it in her mouth. I smile too. She begins to bob up and down and jack me off at the same time. Damn good too. I take her by the hand as I lead her to my room. I take her pants and panties off and bend her over my bed. I gently begin to lick her clit as I massage her ass with both hands. She moans quite nicely! I then slowly lick from clit to asshole, then back down to her pussyhole, and slowly start to tounge fuck her. Shes lovin it, and I start to see her left leg shake. Yup, I still got it. I continue this until she cums hard. Colapsing on my bed in delight. I give her a second as I have her stand up to kiss her. Beer and pussyjuice isnt all that bad of a combo, but I woundnt throw a patent on it. I take her shirt off slide her bra up. And as I do this, I notice something falling. Tissue. Two good lumps of tissue. This horny bitch stuffed her bra! I almost lost it with laughter, but that might have killed the mood. I suck her nipples all the same, as I finger her a bit roughly. She love it and cums again, right on my hand. I have her taste her own juices as I turn her around and enter her from behind. I slowly slide inch by inch as she is breathless. I pump slow, but faster and harder as I get in rythem. I start to fuck her hard and fast as I tweek her nipples. She is screaming in sexual delight.

After about 10 minutes of me fucking her hard and fast, she cums her forth time. Harder then the other times. I then feel a tap on my shoulder. Its Jay. “Dude, lets do the ol’ switch-a-roo!” He wispers as shes panting in lust. Hell yeah. do it! He’s already hard as he enters her from behind like I did. As I walk to my frontroom, Frankie has the other girls on their knees sucking on his 11 inch cock. I watched for minute in awe before I relized what I had to do. I put on my boxers again as I head outside, to go in front on my bedroom window. Im smileling hard as I see Jay and kendra fucking. I wave at kendra, as she has NO fucking clue whos fucking her! SHE WAVES BACK! Then it hits her. The guy waving at me, WAS fuckin me from behind, whos doi9ng me now!?!?! She looks back to see Jay, as he stops mid-stroke, and waves at her. She wave back at him as she pushes back at his cock, still wanting to fuck! Alright! Im commin back in now. Its cold, and I wanna cum. As I walk back in, the three girls are snow-balling Frankie’s cum. He was still hard too, more fun for us later, I suppose. I get in My bedroom just in time to see Jay cum all over Kenda’s ass as they both collaspe in Estacy. I dont give her a break as I grab her hair and move her head towards my cock. She sucks it instantly and before long, Im hard again. Jay goes back to the front room for the other girls. I start to slowly mouth fuck her as she plays with her clit. I buck my hips as I start to get the feeling of cumming. I pull out just in time to see all 5 people lookin at us at the door. And cum all over her face and tits as her friends clap and cheer, along with my friends as well.
The night doesnt stop there, but my story does. Maybe I’ll save it for another time.