It is an extremely warm Saturday night and my eighteen year old daughter Alice and I are sitting around in the house having conversation while we drink sparkling wine. Around midnight I suggest it might be fun if we took off our clothes and sat outside on the front porch. Alice giggles for a few moments then we both stand up and strip naked.

We sit on the front porch for about a half hour while we drink the rest of the sparkling wine. I don’t feel like going to bed just yet, so I stand up and suggest to Alice that we go for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. She replies to me, “You mean right now without any clothes on?”

Within a few seconds we are holding hands and walking completely naked down our driveway to the sidewalk. I have second thoughts about walking through the neighborhood completely nude because the bright moon makes it almost like daytime, but Alice is enjoying herself.

After we have walked about a block, I notice an elderly woman walking her equally old little dog on the sidewalk a few houses down. When we get closer to her, I expect her to say that we are just a couple of sluts looking for attention, then threaten to call the police if we don’t put some clothes on. Instead, when we meet her, she speaks softly and says, “Oh my, you two girls don’t have any clothes on! If I were forty years younger, I would take off my dress right now and walk with you!”

We have a laugh, then she continues saying, “Be careful sweethearts, because their are a lot of perverts around that would like to get their hands on those gorgeous bodies of yours!”

I thank the old woman for her compliment then Alice and I wave goodbye to her and turn around to walk away. Suddenly, I feel the woman’s cane smack me softly on my naked ass cheeks. I look over my shoulder at her and she says, “You are only young once Honey! You are doing the right thing by enjoying yourself before you get old like me!”

I smile at her, then Alice and I continue walking towards the busy main street about a block away.

Alice wants to walk out in front of the shopping center and through the brightly lit parking lot but I tell her that we had better not. I suggest that we walk through the alley behind it, then walk back home on the other side of the block.

As we walk down the alley we hear music and laughter. I know there is a lesbian bar about half way down so I tell Alice we will stop there and look through the privacy fence. They have this outdoor seating area behind the bar with about eight or ten picnic tables in it. It is a popular place for girls to meet other girls and I have been in there a few times.

Anyway, Alice and I continue walking and see the gate to the outdoor area behind the bar is wide open and there about a dozen cars parked in the alley. As we get closer we notice two girls fighting. One of the girls appears to be about my age and is dressed in a black leather vest and black leather skirt. The other girl is a young blond and she is completely naked! The woman dressed in leather grabs the blond’s wrists and pushes her backwards over the hood of a car then leans forward and begins to suck on her tits.

We stop a short distance away and watch the young girl struggling to get out from underneath the older woman. After about a minute, the older woman suddenly releases her grip from the young girl’s wrists and buries her face between her legs. The young girl immediately starts moaning with pleasure and thrusts her hips upward into the older woman’s face

As Alice and I walk closer to a better look the older woman looks up and spots us!

She immediately stands up straight and says, “My, my, my, what do we have here?”

She snaps her fingers and tells the little blond to run inside the fenced area to get her friends. Within a few seconds, five or six beautiful girls dressed in black leather surround Alice and myself. They forcefully grab our wrists and hold them behind our backs as they run their hands all over our naked bodies.

Another girl arrives and gets on her knees in front of Alice and buries her face between her legs! Alice’s begins moaning loudly and thrusts her hips forward into the girl’s face!

After a few minutes the tall older woman announces, “Girls, stop what you are doing! They are going to be our entertainment for this evening!”

The woman immediately grabs my long blond hair and pulls me with her as she walks through the gate into the outdoor seating area of the lesbian bar. She continues to hold onto my hair and parades me around in front of thirty or forty beautiful girls who are drinking and dancing to soft music. She keeps repeating to everyone, “Look what I have found for us to enjoy tonight!”

After we make one trip around the outdoor area, two girls grasp my wrists and force me to climb onto a picnic table and stand up. I look over to my left and see that Alice is standing on the picnic table next to me.

Someone turns off the music and all the lesbians gather around Alice and myself. They take turns running their hands over ever inch of our naked bodies. Thirty minutes pass and there are still girls waiting patiently in line to examine us.

Suddenly, a beautiful naked Asian girl steps up on the picnic table and hands me a cold “wine cooler” so I take a big swallow of it. Just as I am ready to thank her, she puts her arms around my waist and begins kissing me. All the girls in the whole place cheer her on while she moves her hands down to my firm ass cheeks and begins squeezing them with her slender fingers.

After a while she breaks our kiss then quickly gets down on her knees and buries her face between my legs. After having dozens of beautiful girls touch every inch of my naked body I am ready to orgasm at any second! I start moaning loudly while the beautiful Asian girl feverishly licks my pussy.

The older woman that grabbed my hair and paraded me around naked in front of everyone suddenly emerges from the crowd and walks over to where I am. She pushes everyone away from me and the Asian girl licking my pussy immediately stops and gets down off the table.

I look down at the woman and she says to me, “My name is Ammy and these are my models! I have found out that the beautiful girl on the picnic table next to you is your daughter. She told me that she would like to continue being our guest for a while if you approve, otherwise you are free to go. We just like to have fun and I thought because you are walking naked down city streets, I would drag you in here to see if you like our party.”

I immediately tell her that I would like to stay!

She smiles then snaps her fingers and several of her models help Alice and I step down off the picnic tables. Ammy motions for me to sit down on the edge of the table, then quietly says to me, “You probably will not believe me, but I have a real cock between my legs and would like to fuck you while all of models watch us. Please tell me you will stay and let me fuck you! Please!”

I think to myself for a moment, then say to Ammy, “You are too beautiful to have a cock. I have seen pictures of shemales on the internet before and I can tell you are not one of them. Your facial features and the way you talk make me believe that you are truly a female. Personally, I think you are joking with me about having a cock between your legs! If you really do have a cock, how long is it?”

Ammy replies, “It is about six inches long and it gets so hard that it sticks straight out from my body!”

I think about the offer for a few moments then reach out and shake hands with her. Ammy immediately snaps her fingers and commands all of her models to position themselves so everyone has a clear view of the sex show that is going to take place.

I remain seated on the edge of the picnic table top as Ammy looks into my eyes as she unclasps her black leather vest it and pulls it away from her body. Oh my gosh, her breasts are awesome! They are exceptionally large but firm, and their dark brown hard nipples are sticking out at least half an inch or more! She is gorgeous!

The audience gives her a thunderous applause as she holds her arms over her head and shows off her magnificent breasts for everyone to see!

After a few moments Ammy tells me to move closer to the edge of the picnic table and let my legs dangle below me. She slowly slides her black leather skirt down to her ankles and kicks it away from her. Oh my God, her cock is sticking straight out from her body like she said it does and I can see it throbbing with anticipation of being inside my pussy!

Ammy and I begin tongue kissing each other while I reach between her legs and slowly stroke her cock back and forth. Oh my gosh, it is getting even harder and bigger! I think she lied to me about the size of it so I wouldn’t be frightened! I bet that it is close to ten inches long!

I gently grasp her cock and position it at my pussy entrance, then she slowly moves her hips forward. Her cock begins disappearing inside me and gets about eight inches of it inside me on the first try. After a few more attempts her cock is all the way in.

She short strokes me a few more times then starts picking up the tempo and begins ramming the full length of her cock into me over and over while we tongue kiss each other. I start moaning loudly and the audience responds with cheering while Ammy fucks me for the next few minutes.

Suddenly, she stops and groans loudly. I think she is going to immediately pull her cock out of me and ejaculate on my stomach but she leaves it in me and ejaculates! That was kind of rude! She should have asked me first because I barely know her!

Anyway, we continue tongue kissing while she keeps her hard cock buried inside me. After a while she starts slowly withdrawing and when she is about half the way out of me, she pushes it back in! The audience cheers as Ammy starts fucking me again!

I am enjoying myself immensely and lay flat on my back with my legs up in the air. After a while Ammy abruptly stops then leans forward over me and rests on her elbows. I think she is going to shoot another load of sperm inside me, but she points to the only man at the party and motions for him to come over to us.

He must be a male model because he is one of the most handsome young men that I have ever seen in my life! He walks up behind Ammy then quickly strips naked and starts jacking his cock back and forth.

He does this for a few seconds then grabs Ammy’s ass cheeks and pushes them apart. He positions his cock against her asshole then puts both of his hands on her hips and with one big thrust his cock pops inside her!

He starts fucking her ass slowly at first then starts picking up speed. Ammy hovers over the top of me and smiles as her cock plunges inside me with each thrust the male model gives her!

After just a few minutes the male model pulls his cock out of Ammy’s ass and sprays his load all over her back while she continues to fuck me. I notice the male model just casually picks up his clothes and walks off through the crowd of enthusiastic lesbians.

Ammy starts sweating profusely and the water droplets run off her naked body and splash onto mine. She continues to fuck me for the next three or four minutes then suddenly stops. I feel her hard cock jerking around inside me as it pumps another load of warm sperm!

Ammy waits for a few seconds then pushes herself up from the picnic table and pulls her cock out of me. I immediately climb off the table and give her a quick kiss, then walk over to my daughter. I grab her hand and we run through the gate and start walking down the alley.

I glance over my shoulder and see about a dozen of the girls watching my daughter and I fade into the darkness.