When I was 18 before I went away to college I use to work at a family owned cafe. The cafe was located in a very small town, so small in fact that if you sneezed while driving though it, you would miss it. It was a fun place to work because the cast of characters that frequented the cafe everyday were a joy to be around. On one spring day a woman I have never seen before entered the cafe and she looked absolutely repulsive. This lady was wearing frayed jean shorts that were at least two sizes too small, a white button down shirt with a black bra, flip flops with green painted toe nails, she wore too much makeup and the blue eyeliner she had on made her face look like a piece of blue cheese. I instantly named her Moldy Mona.

Moldy sat down at a table and ordered the breakfast special which was 2 eggs, pancakes, and 2 sausage links. Mean while the regulars at the counter were laughing and making passing comments that I am sure she can hear also. On one hand I was feeling a bit conscientious because she is a paying customer, on the other hand I wondered how someone can represent themselves like that in public. I told the regulars at the counter to simmer down a bit and keep the voices low if they had to make a comment to each other.

When Moldy got her meal she ate like a complete slob. She held her fork like a steam shovel, chewed with her mouth open, and got food stains on her shirt. When she finished, she sucked down two more cups of coffee, walked up to the register, paid, then on her way out let one rip. After she walked off down the street the cafe erupted with laughter in total disbelief about what they just witnessed. I was certain that was the first and last time I would ever see Moldy and thank god. With the all the snickers and comments, she had to have felt embarrassed and would never come back to the cafe again.

Well Moldy decided to become a regular and frequented the cafe regularly first thing in the morning. Throughout the course of time I got to know Moldy and she was quite the interesting individual. Her name was Samantha, she was 47, divorced three times, no kids, and was the manager at Parkway Video which I found perplexing considering how she is dressed when she comes into the cafe every morning. I finally broke down and asked her, “why do you dress the same way every day?” She looked at me, smiled and said, “why do you think honey?” I was about to speak then it hit me, she gave me a wink, paid for her meal and left.

The summer time finally rolled around and I was working full time at the cafe, I was putting in as much time as I could to make pocket money for college. One morning I was opening up the cafe and Moldy was the first customer there that day. A casual conversation turned into a conversation about my relationship life. I told her there was nothing to tell, I was an outsider at the catholic high school I went to, I was constantly rejected, and never had a girlfriend. She looked at me and said, “I take you never got your dick wet either.” With a stunned look on my face I said, “I guess you got me on that one.” She got up, paid for her coffee and bagel, looked at me as she walked out and said “you’re pathetic”.

That night after I closed shop and locked the door, someone quickly reached into my hand and snatched my keys, it was Moldy. She was hiding outside in a blind spot next to the side door. Under the dimly lit overhead light above the side door, Moldy was standing there wearing her typical attire, but this time she was not wearing a bra and her shirt was unbuttoned half way. I knew her breast were big, but without the bra on they were hanging there nestled in her shirt aching to come out. I said to her “do you mind? I am tired and I want to go home and get some sleep.” She looked at me, and said “momma is going to have to make you a man tonight if you want these keys back”. With that she started to walk down the street toward her house. I yelled “hey !! #1 you’re not my mom, 2 you’re like 30 years older than and I am so get real, and 3 just give me my key so I can go.” She just kept walking, when she got to the door of her house, she looked at me, dangled the keys, and walked inside. I stood outside cursing at myself for 10 minutes while trying to find a way out of this. Home was 15 miles away, I had no spare keys, no cell phone, could not get into my car, I was stuck.

I walked down to Moldy’s house to reason my keys back, the door was open except for the screen door and Moldy was sitting in her arm chair with one leg over an arm. Her shirt was now fully unbuttoned with one of her nipples exposed as her tits rested against her body. I opened the door, walked in and tried to reason for the keys. She said, “you’re going to have to use your key to get these keys.” I took a deep breath and sighed; she then stood up, walked over to me, tits swaying in her unbuttoned shirt, pressed herself against me and started kissing me heavily on the lips. She started to lick my ear lobes and that was when I got a full erection. She unlatched herself from me, closed and locked her door, and sat me down in her arm chair and simply said, let momma make you a man.

She crawled on top of my lap and started licking my face like an ice cream cone. She locked her eyes onto mine and drew me to her breast. She slowly pulled her shirt off , took my hands and placed them on her breast. I started to massage her and I particularly enjoyed rubbing my thumbs around her nipples. She leaned back ever so slightly, pulled my head down on her tits and I began to suck on her nipples. I sucked on those nipples like there was no tomorrow and tasted every square inch of her luscious breasts. She pulled herself back toward me, reached down and noticed I was as hard as a rock. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “we need to fix this before we continue.” She hopped off me, told me to take my pants off and sit back down. She said, “now lean back in the chair and relax.”

First she started to blow on my hard erection with little puffs of air from her mouth, then in one quick motion she engulfed my entire dick in her mouth. She worked my dick in her mouth in ways I would probably never experience again in my life. I did not last long because about a minute later I said “oh god”, grunted loudly and as she pulled back I exploded. She cupped her hands around my dick to catch all the cum, she then lifted her hands to her mouth and acting like a pig at feeding time, devoured every drop of cum off her hands. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, “shall we continue?” She jumped back on top of me and re-introduced me to her breast which I was more than happy to get into.

I enjoyed my feast a little while longer, when she hopped off of me, turned around and

pulled her jean shorts down. Her ass came flying out of those shorts, and nestled between her legs was the holy grail, her pussy. I started to get real hard again, she stood strait up, and instructed me to caress her ass. I put my hands on each cheek and massaged away. I thought her tits felt great, her ass felt even better. She then bent over, looked up at me from between her legs and with two fingers on each side of her pussy she asks “do you know what this is honey”. I shook my head yes, she then simply said “lick me”. I slid down the chair a bit so I can position my head between her legs. I felt a lot of heat radiating from her and the smell was simply amazing, I stuck my tongue out, and after slowing moving in it made contact with her pussy. I started off with small licks, then moved into the long stroke licks. She reached between her legs while I was licking, and with two fingers spread her pussy open and said “now lick”. I died and went to heaven.

After enjoying the sweet nectar of her pussy, she said “I need you to take it to the next level and give my ass some attention.” I put my hands on her ass and started to lick and kiss her ass cheeks. She straightened up, turned her head back toward me and said, “no honey not the cheeks, lick my hole.” She bent back over, I slowly put my face between her ass cheeks and feared the worse. As my tongue made contact with her asshole my taste buds jumped for joy, soon I was licking her asshole with passion. It never crossed my mind that I am licking her shit hole, all I know I was having the time of my life. She then pulled herself upright, turned around glanced down at my rock hard cock and said.” I see we are ready”.

She looked me dead in the eye as she pushed me back into a relaxed position in the armchair. I glanced over at the container of condoms she had on the lamp table figuring she was going to put one on me. She said “oh no honey those are only for my clients, you’re a virgin, that means you have good clean cum and I want it in me.” She quickly got on top of me, took my rock hard erection, said “this is what life is all about”, then she inserted my dick into her pussy and proceeded to fully lower herself down on it. I was now fully inside a woman for the first time in my life. I wanted to thrust so bad but I just paralyzed, she leans over and whispers, “breath deep, don’t cum, savor the moment.” I was breathing deeply to stave off the eruption that was urging to take place. When I started to calm down and get in control, she then put her forehead against mine and said “are you ready.” I looked at her and shook my head yes. She then gave me one instruction, “when you cum, don’t close your eyes, I want you to remember who your mamma is.” She kept her forehead against mine and started to move nice and slow up and down my cock all the while saying, “keep looking in my eyes, don’t disappoint me.” I did not know how I was going to keep my eyes open because when I exploded the last time my eyes were clenched shut. After a few more strokes in her warm pussy I hit the point of no return. She sensed I hit that point and yelled “PUSH IT IN DEEP, PUSH HARD, PUSH HARD!!!.” I pushed myself as hard as I could against her, made the loudest grunt I have ever made in my life, then released my semen into her pussy. Ahhhhhh!

She stayed on top of me after I ejaculated and my dick just flopped out of her pussy when I got soft. She was staring me in the eyes, and said “your keys are in the draw under the TV, you can leave and go home, or stay the night so momma can fuck you some more.” She continued to say “if you choose to spend the night with me you have to call me mommy.” I agreed to call her mommy the rest of the night and it was worth it.

Moldy fucked me for the next 3-4 hours, she fucked me in several positions: c, missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. After my last and final dry ejaculation we laid down in bed, me on my back, her on top of me and fell asleep.

Morning came around real quick and I had to open the cafe at 9:00am. She threw my cloths in the washer and dryer and gave me a morning fuck while I waited. I got dressed, she gave me my keys back, kissed me, then sent me on my way.

I only got to fuck Moldy one more time that summer, it was a quickie as I stopped by her house on my way out of town to college. On my way out the door she said, ” do your mom proud by getting good grades and saying out of trouble, do your momma proud by fucking as many girls as you can” With that she gave me a kiss and sent me on my way, a man ready for the real world.