It was last friday, and I was heading to my good friend Chelsea’s home. We were suppost to go shopping. (Yeah, Girly stuff, I know. Shut up! )
I was initially about at her door when I saw it cracked open. I thought, why not? She wont get angry if I didnt knock. So I walked in. I began to hear some noises from her bedroom. I truly didnt even think anything of it and started to walk in. I was stunned with what I found!

Chelsea, to me, has constantly been that shy, kinda nerdy girl. Very long straight blond hair thats about down to her lower back. She generally wears baggy shirts and such too. Also, shes like, almost 6 feet tall! She recently got a boyfriend. His name is Adam. Very sexy guy! Stalwart and runs alot. He’s into fitness alot. Once I first met him, all I was imagining was what was in those pants! Yeah, I know Im a perv.

Well, back to what I seen! Chelsea was on her knees, blowing James! I virtually said something, but I came to the conclusion to stand behind the door and watch. It was some more hot then walking in and droping my clothes right there in front of them both. As I started looking at again, she was continue to sucking on Adam. And as I foreseen, (and masterbated too) Adam was well hung! Chelsea had her hair in long pigtails, and still had her baggy and long sleep shirt on. Adam was totaly naked at this point. She looked like she knew what she was doing, which really surprized me. Adam grabed her pigtails as she contined to suck on him. She was getting a good about half of his dick in her lips, and it must have been a good 10 inches. She was much better then I am! lol Observing this, I felt my pussy get wetter by the moment.

Atfer a several more minutes of this, He had her stand up as he took of her sleepwear. My god she had a excellent body! She generally wears the baggy shit, so no one believed she had a realy wonderful butt, and and nice 36C bust! That made me begin touching my breast. I merely had to! He had her bend over the bed, as he knelt down and launched to eat her out from behind. She was nearly yelling in pleasure in seconds! So damn hot! Adam grabed together her hands and pulled her tighter against his face! At this point, I was dripping wet!
Around a several more minutes, she followed hard, screaming into her pillow “fuck me now!!!” At this time, I fucked up……I moaned…..They both stoped immediately and looked right at me. I was busted!

“What the hell Lynn! How long were you there???”
I said about almost the all time. Adam is still basically standing there, hard cock even now in plain view. Didnt even try to hide it.
“Well, did you get a fine show?” Chelsea questioned.
“Yeah. I did. Im sorry for staying, thats your bussiness, not mine. I’ll take off now, let me know when you wanna go shopping”
Just before I got out her room, Adam grabed me by the hand.
“No you don’t. Not at this time Lynn. Chelsea, didnt you say you always dreamed of a three-som?”
Chelsea just shyly nodded.
“Place down Chel, Lynn will be licking your clit!

I was surprised that Adam was so dominating. That alone would be a huge turn-on for me, not to talk about Chelsea’s pussy in my face!
I have to about an inch from it before I had a hand in back of my head, pressing my face into her clit. Adam wasnt fucking around. I started to lick her clit right away, and it tasted INCREDIBLE! As I run circles round her clit, I can feel Adam’s hands all over my body. Running his hands from my shoulders to my ass, ending at my asshole to make it a bit of fingering. I wiggled my ass to give him know I liked it, and he gave it a fine hard slap! I moaned louder then Chelsea when that happend. It was initially intense! Adam then sliped a finger in my wet pussy, and began to rub my clit. The guy has some great hands too, I cam fast. Chelsea has both hands running though my hair, practically screaming in pleasure! She’s loving this more then Adam is.

When Chelsea came, she thrusted her body forward, making my head jump back! When she went back down, I was planning to go back to her clit, but Adam had other ideas, as he takes his hand, grabs me by the hair, and pulls me off of Chel, and guides my face to his hard cock! I immediately started sucking, as I hear Chel get up and sit next to me.
“Enjoying yourselves Guys?” Adam grunts and I give her a small smirk as I take Adam’s head into my mouth. She starts to touch and kiss and lick my breast, as It looks to be her turn as lezzie. Damn good kissing too. I take Adam out of my mouth to kiss Chelsea deeply, as she makes a nice taste of her pussy juices. We start to take turns sucking on Adam’s cock, as he has a hand in our hair. He is loving this notice! “Chelsea, I want to watch you eat Lynn out.” I get on the bed, on my back, as she is still on her knees. I see Adam sit down in a chair a few feet over. Chelsea starts off by shoving her tongue right into my wet pussy, and twirls! “Holy shit”, I moan as I fall back and let her keep going.

I feel myself about to orgasm. as I see Adam lift Chelsea’s ass up, and gets behind her. All of a rapid, I see her face in intensive pleasure, as Adam bit by bit enters her. She looks into my eye’s as Adam fills her pussy, and as Adam slowly starts moving away, I see her eyes roll back in delight. After about a moment, Adam is fucking her hard now, and Chel didn’t remember about my clit. As I’m thinking “Shame on her”, I can observe why she has forgotten. She’s getting fucked, PERFECTLY. She cums in just the next few minutes, shaking as she can. He tells her to get up and start ridding my face, as Adam gets ready to fuck me now! Knowing this, I feel myself get extremely wet. Chel’s pussy tastes a lot better now after getting fucked and came. As I begin licking her clit again, I feel Adam rubbing my asshole, working with my pussy juices to slide a finger into it. Before I know it, he’s sliding his dick slowly but surely into my ass. I practically cum right there, as his head is in me. Then shaft. Then ALL 10 inches. Extremely intense! Chel get off and turns around to observe, as he starts to pump more rapidly now. She goes and gets her vibrator and begins on my clit! Im in pure pleasure now, getting it all.
After about 10 minutes of this, and multiple orgasums, “Girls, Im gonna cum! Chelsea, where sould I cum?” “In her asshole, Adam” He laughs as he pumps stronger and faster until he unloads his cum in my ass, which sets me off to another big orgasum.