I enter the room and see her, my lovely red-headed mistress Miss Hybrid, sleeping face down on the rug before the fireplace trying to heat up. A bottle of Chablis is seen strewn on the floor along. I also see a pair of panties beside a dildo. It seems that she had fallen asleep drinking and pleasuring herself London escorts are so horny. A naughty idea enters my mind as I seek to take advantage of the situation. As I come closer, I notice that she was slightly shivering as she was naked. I reach out and caress her perfectly formed bottom. She shifts slightly. I slip two fingers inside her pussy, which was now getting slick with her juices. I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste her juices while my other hand continues to caress her arse. “Delicious”, I say to myself. My cock is growing hard and itching to come out from my trousers. “What should I do next?” I think out loud.

I decide to continue playing with my sleeping mistress as I remove all my clothes. I start rubbing around her pussy and ass. She is leaking more of her pussy juices. I suddenly stop and decide to have a taste of her pussy. I drive my head between her arse cheeks and tried my best to lick her pussy very slowly. I also take a few licks at her pretty asshole. My mistress is stirring right now. I turn her over. Her legs are now splayed wide open in front of me. I kiss her legs and thighs as my cock pokes her body. Finally as sleepiness leaves her, I ask my mistress…”Miss H, sweetie, where do you want my cock?”

She looks up and down at me. It seems that hours are passing as my cock continues to throb. She takes her time to think. “My pussy”, she says oh-so softly. I flash a devious smile at her. I begin swipe my cockhead at her dripping pussy lips to get more moisture. She gives out a sweet, delicious moan. I pull back and smile again. She looks me straight in the eyes, mesmerized at my gaze. I aim my cock at my target and plunge hard. I enter her tight arse hard. She screams like a banshee. I whisper to her ear as she was sobbing loudly…”That’s your punishment for not answering my question quickly. You’re my bitch. You’re my slave. When I ask you something, you answer quickly.” I pump her ass nice and slow. Her sobs die down and turn into small grunts and tiny shrieks of pleasure. She kisses me on the cheek and says…

“My arse can take a lot of punishment so I will not give in easily. You need to restrain me harder … I do not get held down easily.” And with that, she flips both of us over. My cock gets freed from her tight ass. She pulls up and drops her dripping pussy on my face. “Lick my pussy, suck my clit”, she orders and slaps my face twice. I comply and feel the rush of her juices on my face. It tastes so sweet. She slowly builds up to an orgasm. She then turns around, forcing me to lick her now open asshole. She pulls on my cock and pours the rest of the Chablis on it. She sucks on my cock hard. Streams of saliva and pre-cum begin to drip on my shaft and balls. She then picks up her panties to wipe the mess off my cock. Suddenly, she stops and unleashes a long shriek. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming…”

As she cums hard on my face, I relish the shakes and shivers that her body produces even if I could barely breathe. What an amazing feeling! I pull my face from between your perfectly formed thighs and observe my handiwork. It brings a smile to my face. I kiss her hard on the lips. My tongue engages her tongue in a sweet battle. “You are a special woman, mistress,” say I, “thank you for the pleasure.” Miss Hybrid smiles, “stop talking, you horny bastard, and please me even more.” She lies back down and opens her legs wide again. I take it as an invitation to finally enter her most perfect pussy. My cock gets invigorated. She sees that it is time to sheath my human sword of masculinity inside her smoldering scabbard. “Fuck me!” Miss Hybrid screams. I place my cock in between her pussy lips and slowly slip it in deep. We look into each other’s eyes as our bodies begin the dance of love. Fast, slow, hard and soft … our dance has different beats. My hands play with her hard pink nipples while she licks my ears. She murmurs sweet nothings and harsh curses as I pump her pussy deeply. “Deeper, faster, slowly, tease me, aaaawww, oooohhh, aaaahhh” are the sounds that fill the room. She experiences orgasms continuously but still she feels deprived and wants even more. She scratches my back and clamps down on me with her legs. The mistress really wants to get fucked hard. Finally, I give her a deep kiss before I mouth the words, “I’m cumming.” With a hard and deep thrust, I release my seed deep inside her womb as she experiences another orgasmic release of pleasure.

As I lay on my side trying to catch my breath, I see her beautiful face frowning. “What’s wrong?” I say. “I want more! You woke up a sleeping beauty and now you have to make her go back to sleep again.” She begins to stroke and kiss my now spent cock. She gives me a naughty smile and say “Don’t worry if you can get it up again, you’ll have a chance to fuck my arse again, dear.” I chuckle and begin to get hard again.