larissa and Adrianna were two college graduates who were in debt. After the years they spent partying and majoring in something not high paying, the two had to settle down, live together in an apartment for a few years and support each other. A year after college, the two still retained their good looks.

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Clarissa was a 5″11 Blonde with tanned skin, athletic body, great abs, and overall in good shape. Adrianna was a 5″9 Brazilian brunette with pale skin, straight dark hair, a nice round butt, lean body, and a pretty face.

“Such is the life” said Clarissa
“Wish I would have studied hard in college” replied Adrianna
“Oh come on, lets not live in the past” replied Clarissa
“We made a mistake though” said Adrianna
“true…” said Clarissa

Clarissa headed off to work as Adrianna laid at home. Being bored, Adrianna headed off to walk around the neighborhood. As she was walking she saw a poster which read

“$100,000 reward for two females who can win the escape game on the this island. Rules and such will be given out. Contestants must call, verify by mail, and then be interviewed”. Adrianna called the number:

“Hello is this island escape game” she asked
“yes, are you interested” replied a voice over the male
“I am, what are the rules” she replied
“Well when we tell people the rule they usually turn away” replied Anita Doth AKA The Voice
“Just tell me” requested Adrianna
“You will be locked in a house, be told the location of an Iphone, told what number to call, when you or your friend call that number you will win. To make it more competitive, you will be asked to strip down. Two men who are in the house and also stripped down will be coming after you and attempt to screw you. These men are well endowed, but your goal is to get away from them. There will be a 1 hour time limit. If you cannot do this within an hour you are disqualified. If you are disqualified, the two men will be able to make you and your friend their property for 5 years. replied Anita Doth AKA The Voice
“Okay, I will consider it, but what are the requirements?” asked Adrianna
“You must verify an email we send you, submit a photo of yourself and your contestants, and then we will interview you, if accepted you must sign the contract” replied Anita Doth AKA The Voice.
“Thanks, will consider, email me” said Adrianna after she sent the email

When Clarissa came home, Adrianna told her the details of it.

“Looks like we don’t have any other options does it? LETS DO IT” said Clarissa

Adrianna and Clarissa, being attractive, got past the process fast, read and signed the contract, and were soon on their way to the island to which they flew by plane. Soon after that they arrived at the house and were addressed by a man.

“Tonight is your rest night, be ready, you compete tomorrow, you know the rules. Once you are in, you are in, good luck.” Finished the man. Clarissa and Adrianna discussed how important this was, the two then wished each other luck and went to bed. The next morning they woke up and at 1 PM the game would start. Clarissa and Adrianna, with no clothes on, entered the house and heard the announcement.

“The Iphone is in the room located on the right side of the 2nd floor, top drawer underneath the newspaper. The room is locked but the key to the room is on the table in front of you. The number you need to call is 289-101-3322, when you find the phone the number will be written on the newspaper. In approximately 10 seconds, the two men will be entering the house and they are very horny. Good luck. START”

Clarissa and Adrianna looked at each other. Adrianna, being the faster of the two, dashed to the room on the second floor. In ten seconds she finally reached the second floor. Clarissa decided to hide.

The two men entered wearing a shirt and nothing else. One man wore a shirt labeled #3, another wore a shirt labeled #2. The man wearing a shirt labeled #3 was a muscular lean man, approximately 6″2, 10 inch penis, dark hair, and White. The man wearing the shirt labeled #2 was a Black man, 5″11, Bulky, extremely muscular, 10 inch penis, and large arms.

Clarissa was in hiding while #3 looked for her. #2 ran for the door, Adrianna could hear his footsteps but luckily she found the key. As she attempted to open the door, her hands shaked nervously as #2 ran at her. The pressure made Adrianna drop the key, when she attempted to pick it up she felt a sharp pain in her back, #2 had managed to stick his dick inside of her.

Before Adrianna could do anything, #2 grabbed both of her arms, pushed her head against the wall, and fucked her hard for nearly 5 minutes at a high speed.
#2 decided to let her, when Adrianna tried to move she limped and fell. As she laid on the ground, #2 got on top of her, fingered her ass and pussy intensely for 10 minutes.
Adrianna groaned, she tried to get away but her legs were weak and she was no match for the superior strength of #2. Adrianna was nearly knocked out, as she laid on the ground, #2 continiously whacked her across the face with his dick, Adrianna was now knocked out. #2 picked her up, put her on the couch on the ground floor and then proceeded to eat her out.

Clarissa was soon found by #3 who picked her up and fucked her. She was fucked hard for nearly 10 minutes, #3 had his way with her in that time. Clarissa could not walk either. After that, #3 grabbed her tight and laid on top of her nailing her. Clarissa cried in pain but there was not much that could be done. As she was getting nailed, she noticed that there were indeed weapons available such as sprays. Clarissa tried to move her legs but could not. She laid on the ground floor, opposite side of where Adrianna was and noticed Adrianna was out.

Nearly 20 minutes passed. #2 went into the kitchen to look for something long and slim, he found a cucumber. Adrianna was waking up and saw #2 searching the fridge while #3 was busy with her friend Clarissa. Adrianna noticed that the feeling in her legs was back and she could move. As she got up she realized that she still had some of her speed left, she made her way up the steps but as she did, #2 saw her and her nice butt. He ran up the steps, Adrianna heard the foot steps but she managed to make a run for it as well and noticed that the key was still on the ground.

Adrianna then picked up the key, put it in the lock, but before she could open the door #2 got her. This time #2 picked her up, took her to the couch, and slammed her there. On the couch, he bent her over head first laid her down, got on her back, got a hold of her arms, stuck his dick inside of her, and then grinded it into her for nearly 10 minutes. The feeling was the best feeling in the world for #2 who moaned in pleasure. Adrianna was in a lot of pain and trying to fight out. After 10 minutes, #2 stood Adrianna up when she could barely stand. He took out a 12 inch cucumber and rammed it into her anus, Adrianna breathed hard and heavy, she yelled and yelled until she could not bare to do so any longer, and then after all of the 12 inches went in, #2 tried to make sure they stayed in. After getting some tape and putting it over Adrianna’s anus, the cucumber stayed in and #2 made Adrianna suck his dick. For nearly 5 minutes she did that.

Clarissa, being a former college wrestler, noticed that #3 was dozing off. She slipped from his grip and made her way up the steps. The key was still there but #3 realized she was going there. Clarissa realized this and ran towards the door, realizing the key was on the floor. Clarissa picked the key up, being good at hand to eye coordination she opened the lock. Just as she did, #3 was not far behind, he was nearly 5 yard away from her. Clarissa attempted to close the door but #3 blocked her attempt. He managed to get into the room with her.

The room had a bed in it and the drawer. #3 slammed Clarissa on the bed and then doggystyle fucked her. He then pushed her against the wall and fucked her for nearly 5 minutes until he was out of gas. Clarissa could not move her legs at all and #3 had a strong grip on her arms. Her only hope was Adrianna or another slip up by #3.

Nearly 50 minutes had passed, the contestants had about 10 minutes left to save their asses, literally. Adrianna had a tired mouth, her ass had a cucumber in it with #2 putting his hands over it, and she could not move her legs at all. With the time left and all the risk, she took her finger and poked #2 in the eye. With him disabled temporarily, she shot the cucumber out of her ass and crawled. #2 grabbed her but Adrianna shook him off, juked him, and made her way up the stairs. #2 was tired from all the fucking he did to her but Adrianna herself too had problems going up the stairs. When Adrianna did make it up the stairs, the rest was smooth sailing. #2 struggled to even make it up the stairs.

Adrianna saw the door unlocked, made her way into the room but closed the door, saw the drawer and made her way to it. Clarissa and #3 seeing Adrianna, had reactions. Clarissa did her best to hold back #3 by tying her legs around him and poking him the eyes.

Adrianna opened the drawer, the number was written, 289-101-3322. Adrianna then digged through the newspaper, found the Iphone and unlocked it. #2 had finally made it up the steps by then and regained a lot of his energy.

With 3 minutes left, Adrianna had one chance at the number. She put in the number as she heard the footsteps of #2 coming.


#2 was outside the door and Adrianna heard the door slam open. Realizing that #2 was fast and realizing that #3 was temporarily paralyzed, Adrianna took the Iphone and tossed it to Clarissa. A second later she was tackled by #2 who picked her, put her against the wall, and gave one large thrust of his dick inbetween her ass.

“AAAAA CRAP, AAAAAAAAA, SHIT, AAAA, DAMMIT” yelled Adrianna as she felt a sharp pain and could not get up or do anything.

and right after clarissa pressed 2, that very second, #2 and #3 tackled her, with #3 slapping the Iphone out of her hand. With the Iphone on the ground and Clarissa getting fucked hard by the two, Adrianna had one last chance to press call.

She crawled but noticed a pain each time. With #2 and #3 focused on Clarissa, Adrianna had one last chance to save it. 30 seconds remained and the Iphone was 15 ft from her. Adrianna used her hands, whenever she moved her legs or hips there was a sharp pain. Right when Adrianna got within 5 ft of the Iphone, #2 turned around, kicked the Iphone away.

“I forgot to deliver this to you” said #2
#2 mounted Clarissa, and then dropped a large load on her face. He managed to cover her whole face and the load shot out for nearly 10 seconds. 10 seconds remained, with Adrianna completely blinded for the time being, Clarissa was the only hope. Due to her wrestling skills, she managed to get away from #3, with #2 out of a load and testosterone, Clarissa had a golden opportunity. Before she could jump for the Iphone, she pulled a muscle and was on the ground.


An alarm rang.

As it rang, #2 grabbed Adrianna and stared to massage her and kiss her in a lot of areas. Soon after a man came out saying.

“Deal was that you get 100k if you win, you did not win. Seeing as to how hard you played out there, you did better than any other contestant to this day. As a result, we will give you another option. A coin flip option. The winner goes home with 25k and she is no one’s property, the loser has to spend 5 years with the guy that wants her. You must sign here. Who wants to call it?”

The two signed the contracts

“I do” said Adrianna

“What is the call?” asked the man

“Heads” replied Adrianna

As the coin went up and flipped it came down, the signal was tails. “It is tails, you have to spend time with the guy that wants you”.

#2 smiled, smacked Adrianna on the butt, picked her up, and then walked out with her naked. Clarissa, realizing her friend was getting left behind, was told to leave the island within an hour or she would be subject to the same faith. As Clarissa was on her way to exitting the house, her friend Adrianna was on the ground floor having her titts sucked by #2, getting smacked hard on the ass by him, her ass was red and #2 said “yup, all day, for the next 5 years!”.

Clarissa saw it and said “I will make sure when you come back, we are still friends”.

Clarissa did not even bother to pack her stuff, in fact she put on a small shirt and some pants and took the first plane out.

When she got back to her apartment she saw everything was the same except for Adrianna. On the island, in a house located in a area far away from most of the population, Adrianna lived with her new master. She walked around in the bigger house naked as her master requested and did not wear any clothes throughout the day, had sex about 4 to 5 times a day. Was alone often with her master. Eventually she was used to the lifestyle and daily she was given a reminder as to how many days she had left.

Clarissa continued life as usual. Her 25k benefited her and she promised herself she would stay until Adrianna came back.