In a rich upper middle class suburb west of the city, lived Dr Kumar with his wife Anastasia in an area where many London escorts also reside. The couple lived in a two story house, beautiful and large. James Kumar was an American male of East Indian descent, 6″2, light brown complexion, black hair with brown eyes. His wife Anastasia was also a doctor, black hair, blue eyes, and pale smooth skin, of Swiss descent. She had large natural breasts even better than most London escorts while at the same time a fit body, not too skinny yet not chubby or fat. A woman with 5″6 height.

James was 38 years of age, a surgeon, Anastasia 37 was a pediatrician. The two were parents to four kids, two girls and two boys, all of whom had gone on vacation away from home during the Christmas break.

“enjoyable vacation huh” said james
“yes” replied anastasia
“i could never get over those large bags of yours, still great”
“why not give me a suck then babe”
as anastasia watched TV james sucked on her breasts

Despite loving each other, having tried all positions, licking in each other on nearly all parts of the body imaginable, James and Anastasia were getting bored with each other. Though the two did make out rather often, the sex was getting boring. Anastasia ignored the problem knowing that not much could be done about it, she was also a loyal wife. James was slowly finding an alternative to it.

Lately James was developing feelings for Eri, a tanned all American girl with light brown hair, fit body, and medium sized breasts, 5″7 height. Eri was a nurse who arrived at his hospital about a month ago. 25 years of age, Eri was single and often saw herself falling for James, and James found the feeling mutual. One day at break the two kissed each other and the attraction was strong. Having memorized the work hours of his wife Anastasia, who on Wednesdays and Mondays came home 3 hours after him, James arranged a way to get Eri in bed with him.

“great break, this wednesday, my house” said james
“definitely!” replied eri
“you down for it?”
“I am not missing this chance for anything, I am fully committed to it, hope you can bring the passion doc”
“hope you can keep it quiet nurse!”


On Wednesday, at 3 PM, James and Eri made their way to Jame’s house and the spice was on. As soon as Eri and James entered the house, the two took off the jackets and started kissing. James took Eri’s pants off and fingered her as the two kissed. Eri put her hands in Jame’s pants and rubbed his 7 inch tool.

“you have the best skills for a man your age” said eri
“do you have the experience dear” replied james
“oh and what would you know doctor?””

James picked Eri up as she screamed in excitement and took her upstairs to the bedroom. Anita Doth AKA The Smile flooded Eri’s face as James eventually slammed her on the bed, pulled down her panties, and started eating her out.

“such a build, keep going doctor, yeaaaaaaa”

Eri was joyed and had the best feeling in the world, eventually James worked his way up, ripped off Eri’s bra and started licking the nipples of her breasts. The two kissed for nearly 2 minutes and were naked in bed, the action was about to begin.

“lets see how well they taught you to plow in med school”
“you will find out now nurse” replied james

James picked Eri up and he was standing, flipped her so that her mouth was on his tool and her rectum faced him.

As the two enjoyed the moment and were 10 minutes into sex, Anastasia was on her way home due to being released early from work. Eventually Anastasia reached home and as she entered she saw that the door was unlocked and that two pairs of pants were on the floor. Anastasia, quiet, worked her way up , came into the bedroom and saw the stand up 69 happening.

As Eri opened her eyes she saw Anastasia who had locked the bedroom door and put a chair in front of it. As Eri attempted to get off of James, who was unaware of the situation, Anastasia pulled the handcuffs from the drawers and handcuffed her to the bed as James became aware.

“what the! oh crap! this was not my idea it was his!” said eri

Anastasia used an anesthetic to make James lose consciousness as she looked at Eri and smiled.

Eri feared for her life as Anastasia took her clothes off. As took the handcuff off of Eri, Eri made a run for the locked door. Before she could get out, Anastasia picked her up, tossed her on the bed, grabbed both of her legs and ate her out for nearly 4 minutes. In the next step, Anastasia kissed Eri all over the face and fingered her passionately for nearly 10 minutes until Eri enjoyed the action and locked lips with Anastasia. Eri was overpowered by Anastasia who often picked her up and ate her out while they made out.

“beautiful tan, and such a lovely smell” said anastasia
Eri moaned and said “so top notch love making skills run int he family”
Anastasia smiled and said “it isn’t all love dear”

After Eri was sweating, moaning and enjoying the occasion, Anastasia tied her up, took a belt and whipped Eri on the butt repeatedly as she tried to tell her that it was all Jame’s idea. Anastasia simply smiled and fingered Eri who was hopelessly tied up. After two minutes of passionate fingering, Eri was squirting and moaning. Anastasia whispered to her, “keep quiet, not a word, I have a surprise”.

Anastasia then blindfolded Eri, went to the kitchen, got some whipped cream and ice cream. Eventually Anastasia made her way back into the room and locked the door.

As Anastasia took of Eri’s blindfold she showed her the ice cream and smiled. Eri cried for help.

Anastasia took some ice cream and massaged Eri with it. Eventually Anastasia licked the ice cream off of Eri’s vagina and rectum.

Anastasia then proceeded to kiss Eri all over the face, fingered her more until Eri squired and said “I am sorry, no more, please, I will never do this again, I have learned my lesson”.

Anastasia smiled, looked at Eri, untied her, picked her up and said “we will shower together and you will wash this food off, and we will never speak of this ever again”.

Eri agreed, Anastasia and Eri showed together, Eri again making out with Anastasia and as the two dried off, Anastasia told Eri to put the clothes on and kiss her. Eri did so. Anastasia also told Eri to see her again next week for more talk on this, Eri smiled.

The two looked at James and nodded