You arrive at my London apartment. The windows are dark and everything looks quiet. You wonder if I am home. You walk up the front steps and notice the door isn’t locked. You slowly open the door and walk inside. The door closes and the lock clicks.

“You’re late”

“Sorry, I was …”

“No excuses. Strip.”

I watch you slowly remove your t-shirt. I notice your nipples pressing hard against your bra in the dim light. You then start to remove your pants. I like the glow of your white skin. Soon you are standing there in just your panties and bra. I smack the flogger across your ass and you feel the sharp pain of the leather. I reach up, grab a large bundle of your hair and push you forward. We go down the hall to a dimly lit room.

“Stand in the middle, hands in front of you.” You submissively listen. I move forward with a pair of wide leather cuffs with rings around the outside. I proceed to strap them onto your wrists. I lift your hands above your head with one arm, stretching you onto your toes. I grab your hair with my other hand and give you a hard kiss. You feel the small chain between the cuffs hook clink against metal. You notice you are now hanging from the ceiling standing on your toes. I stroke my hands along your body, down your soft thighs, over your smooth ass. I work my way up your sides with soft strokes, working my way towards your breasts. You feel your bra come undone. I slide my hands and cup your breasts, pinching your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I roll them, then stretch them until I hear you gasp. You feel my hot breath on your neck.

With my body pressed against your back, you feel I have no shirt and am wearing jeans. I squeeze your tits while pinching your nipples. I lick along your neck and then bite. You moan loudly. I move away where you can’t see me. You hear small noises and wonder what is going to happen. You feel a blindfold slide over your eyes then a small ball pressed into your mouth. I snap the leather straps behind your head. I softly drag the flogger over your legs, along your ass, over your breasts. Then I smack your ass with it a few times. Then a few soft smacks across your tits. Your body twists and you moan hard around the ball.

I move behind you and lick your neck again. Using my right hand to stroke your thighs, sides and tits. You feel a hard smack on your ass from my left hand. I do the same now with my right. I kiss my way down your back, reaching the top of your ass I pull down your panties. I rub your ass with my hands, alternating between spanking you and rubbing. I lean forward and kiss the hot flesh. Leaving traces of spit where my tongue has gone. I lick softly between your cheeks and then use my hands to spread them open. I lick your little hole a few times and the move up,

I move in front of you and use the flogger to smack your tits some until they turn pink. Your nipples so hard. I suck one into my mouth and pinch it between my teeth while flicking my tongue over it. I suck hard and pull my head back until the nipple pops out. I do the other side. I move forward and massage them in both hands while tracing my tongue along your lips.

I work my way down your front, kissing and nipping my way towards your warm pussy. I can smell the excitement down there. I stop short of your clit. I lift up one leg and throw it over my shoulders. I bite and nip your thigh working my way towards your pussy again. This time I lick one long soft lick from the bottom to the clit. I twirl my tongue over your clit and then wiggle it down, parting the lips. I slide a couple of fingers inside you while licking the lips and nibbling them. I slowly work my fingers in and out while licking your lips and sucking on your clit. I work a third finger into, working them all the way in to the knuckles. Wiggling them inside and working them against the front of your pussy while sucking hard on your clit. I feel your body tense and you moan loudly against the ball gag. I then feel a rush of warm liquid moving down my fingers as your body sags. I pull out my fingers and lick your pussy and my fingers clean.

I drop your leg and stand up. Reaching above you I unhook your wrists. Your legs weak, you drop to your knees with your face just inches from my crotch. I reach behind your head and remove the ball gag. You stare up at me with wide open eyes wondering what I am going to do next. I remove my jeans and step forward. My hard cock brushing against your cheek. You move your head to find the tip with your tongue. You start to lick the shaft, working your way down to my balls. You lick and suck the smooth skin of my sac, taking one nut into your mouth at a time. Working your tongue over each. You then lick your way back up the shaft and then tickle tip with your tongue. Licking off the pre-cum dripping there. You slide the tip into your mouth, moving your head up and down over the tip. Taking a bit more of my cock each time. Moving to slow for me, I reach around your head and grab a handful of hair. I push my cock deeper into your mouth. Pressing it against the back of your throat, making you gag. I start to thrust into your mouth with long strokes, feeling you suck hard and your cheeks suck in. I keep thrusting into your mouth until I feel the tip slide down your throat. I press in until I feel my balls against your chin. I slowly move my cock in and out of your mouth, sliding deep into your throat. Your heavy sucking action and the tightness of your throat are too much. I pull out until just my tip is in and let loose a large load of cum. I hold your head there, making you take all of it. You swallow rapidly, trying not to spill a drop.

I pull out my cock and drag it across your cheeks, leaving little trails of cum. My cock is still hard as I think of things I’ve still yet to do to you. I undo the cuffs and then lead you over to a mattress on the floor. I lay you down on your back, spread your legs and then move on top of you. I press the weight of my body down onto you, giving you a deep wet tongue kiss, tasting my own cum. You feel my cock pressing against your pussy and in one hard thrust, I slam it all the way in. I hook my arms under yours and grab your shoulders. You wrap your legs around my back, allowing me deeper access. I fuck you with long deep strokes, pulling my cock all the way out until just the tip is in, then slamming back in deep. You feel my balls smacking your ass. Your pussy is getting so wet, the squishing sounds of my cock sliding in and out fill the room. I grip onto your shoulders hard and start slamming into you. Using my arms to drive you hard and deep onto my cock. After minutes of fucking you like this, I lift up onto my knees. I grab your legs by the ankles, spread them wide and lift up. Your ass comes off the mattress and I continue to fuck you.

I pull out, flip you over, reach between your legs and under. I stand up, lifting your hips in the air. You put your arms out and hold yourself up. I stare down at your tight ass and slowly move my cock back into your pussy. Using my hands, I slam you back onto my cock. I fuck you until you are screaming from an orgasm and your arms give out. You fall to the mattress, your face turning to one side. I keep your ass in the air, on your knees. I squat down behind you and aim my cock back into your pussy. The tip press against the front of your pussy hard as I grip your hips and pile drive you. I can feel the build up of cum as I drive in one last deep stroke, burying it all the way and unleashing another load of cum.

Not giving my cock anytime to soften, I pull out and slowly work it into your ass. Your pussy juices allow it to slide in easily, the tightness keeping all the blood in my shaft. I slide it in and out with slow short strokes. Working your ass open to take more of my cock. The tightness and the wonderful view of my dick in your tight ass arouses me. You keep grunting and groaning loudly as I feel your ass tighten for another orgasm. This tips me off again and I shot another load into your ass. I collapses down on top of you, my cock still in your ass. We lay there for minutes just panting.

“You going to be late again”

You lay there panting, “May be later next time”

I smack your ass hard and laugh.